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Leading Virginia Republican: “Inequality is not automatically an indication of injustice…Poverty is the natural state of human beings.”


For anyone who ever argued that Virginia Del. Nick Freitas (almost certainly a future candidate for State Senate, Congress and/or statewide office) was less far-right extreme than his rival for the 2018 Virginia GOP U.S. Senate nomination, neo-Confederate Corey Stewart, there’s a lot of evidence that Freitas wasn’t any less extreme than Stewart, only extreme in slightly different ways.

A few days ago, I posted about Freitas writing that “if you are a leftist leaving your tax and regulation heavy state for one that doesn’t punish you or your business as much…can you please leave your politics back in the state you are fleeing,” and comparing people from blue states to “locusts” coming to eat red states’ “crops.” I also provided several other prime examples of Freitas’ extremism, such as  this bizarre, unhinged speech in the House of Delegates, in which he claimed that we “can’t have an honest debate” on the issue of guns because supposedly Democrats will never stop until all guns are taken away (e.g., “assault weapons,” which Freitas defines as “something that looks scary”).

Well, Freitas was back at it on the final day of 2018, with a “tweetstorm” o’ crazy. Check it out, below, including the gems:

  • Freitas attacks progressive taxation, a cornerstone of U.S. tax policy for around a century now, as follows: “People demanding more of what someone else has worked for probably should be considered greedy.”
  • Freitas, who is certainly no friend of public education, writes that “Politicians and bureaucrats having less say and parents having more say over where their children receive an education should not be considered ‘anti-public education’.”
  • Freitas justified right-wing policies and structural issues that tilt the playing field towards the wealthy and powerful as follows: a) “Inequality is not automatically an indication of injustice. People make different decisions which have unequal results” and b) “Starting off reports wondering why there is so much poverty is absurd. Poverty is the natural state of human beings. Maybe try focusing on what creates wealth instead of just redistributing it.” That’s right, Freitas claims that poverty is the “natural state of human beings.” How do you like THAT for an optimistic, expansive, generous, enlightened conservatism?
  • And of course, Freitas springs to the defense of the gun industry with this blather: “Maybe stop selectively deciding which inanimate objects you are going to blame for human behavior and choices and focus more on human behavior and choices. Looking your direction anti gun networks.”
  • Finally, with ZERO self awareness, Freitas tweets, “Try…just a little…to be intellectually honest.” Uhhhhhh…

And just remember, this nutter came oh-so-close (136,610-131,321) to being the 2018 Virginia GOP’s U.S. Senate nominee, losing to neo-Confederate/white nationalist Corey Stewart. Really tells you all you need to know about the Virginia Republican Party that those were the top two choices (possibly the most extreme of them all, Ewwwwww Jackson, was #3)


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