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IPSOS/UVA Center for Politics Poll: Virginians Divided on Northam, Fairfax; Strong Dem Lead for November 2019, Also for 2020

Trump's approval horrendous, as expected.


There are some very interesting results from this brand-new poll by IPSOS and the University of Virginia Center for Politics. Here are highlights.

  • Approval levels for Donald Trump in Virginia are pathetic: 25% approve, 56% disapprove, 14% “neither approve nor disapprove.”
  • Approval levels for Ralph Northam are not good: 17% approve, 34% disapprove, 44% “neither approve nor disapprove.”
  • Among Dems, Northam’s at 25%-13% approve (54% “neither approve nor disapprove”). Among Republicans, Northam’s at 7% approve-62% disapprove.
  • Good news for Dems, who have a 13-point lead (34%-21%) on the “generic” ballot for the General Assembly this November. Also, Dems have a huge lead (45%-25%) for the 2020 presidential race here in Virginia and a 43%-26% lead for U.S. Senate.
  • Should Gov. Ralph Northam resign? 31% of Virginians say yes, 43% say no (among Dems it’s 20%-46%). Should Northam be impeached? 21% say yes, 56% say no (among Dems it’s 14%-60%).
  • Should LG Justin Fairfax resign? 35% say yes, 25% say no (among Dems it’s 23%-31%). Should Fairfax be impeached? 28% say yes, 33% say no (among Dems it’s 17%-37%).
  • Should AG Mark Herring resign? 19% say yes, 56% say no (among Dems it’s 14%-56%)

All in all, it looks like Virginians are divided on Northam and Fairfax, although clearly both are seriously weakened from their “blackface” and sexual assault allegations, respectively. The good news is that Democrats have big leads heading into November 2019 and November 2010 here in Virginia, with Trump’s approval utterly abysmal. So…no, not an ideal situation, but I’d still rather be the “blue” team than the other guys.



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