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Why I Welcome Jay Inslee’s Entry into the 2020 Race (whether or not I will vote for him)


I have really no idea whom I’m going to support in the Democratic primary field. I can’t recall the picture being so blurry to me as in this race.

But one thing I can say is that I hope that (Washington State) Governor Jay Inslee makes a strong enough showing for his candidacy to help boost the idea that “defeating” climate change is Job 1 for America today. (Well, maybe tied with protecting our democracy.)

We are so very far away from the responsible course we SHOULD be taking as a nation regarding climate change that there is virtually no chance that we will go too far in meeting that challenge.

So I welcome Inslee’s candidacy as a way of pushing us in the right direction.

The Inslee candidacy looks like an excellent vehicle for putting the issue of climate change — the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced, it is widely said among those who understand the most — more toward the center of the national conversation.