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Maps: Overlapping Primaries in Fairfax County

In no area do you have all three offices - House, Senate, Supervisor - on the primary ballot


by Frank Anderson

In my work for the Fairfax Democrats, part of my job is to help people make sense of the upcoming elections.  We’ve got more than 50 offices on the ballot this November, and quite a few contested races in the June 11 Democratic primary as well. Click here for a list of all Democrats running for office in Fairfax in 2019.

First of all, every Fairfax County voter can participate in a primary this year because we have two offices being contested countywide (Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Commonwealth’s Attorney). [SIDE NOTE: the Republicans are holding zero primaries this year because they prefer the process of waiting until there’s a candidate, and then installing that person by scheduling, and then promptly cancelling, a “mass meeting.”]

For the district-based primaries, I noticed an interesting coincidence (at least, interesting to us map geeks). We have primaries for State Senate, House of Delegates, and District Board of Supervisors Member, and in many cases two of the above types of districts are overlapping.  But in neither case do the three different types of district appear on one precinct’s ballot for the primary. #FunFairfaxFact



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