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Audio: Former Rep. Scott Taylor Claims He’s Been “Exonerated,” Might Bring “Defamation” Lawsuit, Might Run for U.S. Senate Against Mark Warner in 2020


Former Rep. Scott “Petitiongate” Taylor (R-VA02) had a lot to say on Trumpster radio this morning…most of it laughable. See below for the audio, as well as a few “highlights” (using that word very loosely).

  • Taylor claimed that he was “defamed” by Democrats over “Petitiongate” and is “still looking at legal action…for defamation, for defamation.”
  • Taylor didn’t disagree with host John Fredericks that he’s (supposedly) been fully “exonerated” in “Petitiongate.” For more on that, see the Virginian-Pilot’s May 6, 2019 story, which reported that one of Taylor’s former campaign staffers had been indicted “on two counts of election fraud”; that “based upon information currently available, there does not appear to have been a directive or an expectation that these petitions would be circulated in violation of Virginia law” and that “At this point in time, what actually happened within the campaign headquarters is still a subject of investigation due primarily to the lack of cooperation of key individuals…The full explanation of what happened will hopefully be answered in the months to come.” Does that sound like complete “exoneration” of Taylor? I dunno, but sure sounds a lot more fuzzy to me.
  • Also see The Chickens Have Come to Roost: Staffer Scott Taylor Initially Failed to Fire Indicted, UPDATE: Scott Taylor CLEARLY Violated House Ethics Rules, Video: Confronted with His #Petitiongate Fraud Scandal, Scott Taylor Threatens to Sue DCCC, Blames His Staff; Elaine Luria NAILS Him, etc.
  • Taylor supposedly is being recruited by Republican to run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Mark Warner in 2020. According to Taylor, Sens. Warner and Kaine are both “ineffective” (what???), and that Warner is “absolutely obsessed…with this Russia thing.”  Uh huh.
  • Taylor said he’s looking at possible runs for either the 2nd CD and U.S. Senate, but no matter what, “I’m not done…I have a lot left to do.” Oh joy.


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