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No “Peace” for Virginia Republicans…at Least Not in HD97 Between Del. Chris Peace and Scott Wyatt

Wyatt claims he's the nominee; Peace says Wyatt is "misleading voters"


The Virginia Republican infighting, disunity and general craziness continues in HD97, as Del. Chris Peace and challenger Scott Wyatt keep lobbing bombs at each other, back and forth. See here for some background on this ridiculous situation, and see below for the latest exchange between Peace and Wyatt.  Also see the Virginia Gazette story on this, which reports, “The GOP 1st Congressional District Committee voted Monday to uphold an appeal filed by Hanover Supervisor Scott Wyatt against the 97th Legislative District Committee’s decision to hold a party canvass.” Fun times, eh? I guess we’d expect nothing better from a district that went 68%-27% for Trump, 65%-33% for neo-Confederate Corey, etc.

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