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Sunday News: “America’s Political Mood Is Now the ‘Most Liberal Ever Recorded’”; “Biden slumps, Buttigieg soars: 6 takeaways from benchmark Iowa poll”; “High court could cause Va. election drama, but likely won’t”; Fairfax County School Board Candidate’s Account of What Happened at Pride Parade in DC


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, June 9.  Virginia polls open in under 48 hours…when and where are you voting? (if you don’t know, click here). Regarding the front-page images by Fairfax County Public School Board endorsee Karl Frisch, here’s his account of what happened to him yesterday at the Pride Parade in DC: “WHAT HAPPENED: It was a crazy day. We were still in the staging area having only moved a couple blocks and then this huge wave of people just came running. It was pandemonium for a few minutes. Strangers waving people into their home and apartment buildings. Several of us ran for the woods near the P Street beach park. I went back to make sure all of our people were gone. Saw Laura Jane going into a house with her daughter and friends. And all of our other folks were gone so I went back to the park. Then it was over. Spoke to a few officers who said it was a false report of a shooting and that some folks were hurt in the panic. Not long after they canceled the parade.”


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