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Ineffective Rob Wittman Lacks the Moral Courage and Integrity to be Our Congressman


From the Vangie Williams for Congress (VA-01) campaign:

Ineffective Rob Wittman Lacks the Moral Courage and Integrity to be Our Congressman

For the last two days there has been a war of words between the President and several members of the House of Representatives.  The members of the House are all freshmen Democratic women of color.  Their patriotism and loyalty to our nation have been called into question because of their ancestors’ country of origin despite the fact that three of the four were born in the US.

Conservative Republicans from across the nation – including members of the House and Senate – have stepped up and denounced the President’s remarks as xenophobic and racist.  In fact, just a short while ago, the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the remarks made by the President.

While the resolution passed with bipartisan support (240-187) Rob Wittman voted against it.  Quite predictably, Rob Wittman cast his vote without explanation or comment.  I assumed our ineffective congressman’s silence meant one of two things – either he lacks the guts to speak out against the attacks on his own colleagues or he agrees with the president and doesn’t have the guts to actually say it on the record.

Shortly after the vote occurred on the House floor, Congressman Wittman released a statement that made me realize I given his silence far too much credit.  I had assumed that at the very least he would be able to grasp the nature of the comments and the moral importance of this moment.  I was wrong.  Ineffective Rob Wittman said, “In no way do I approve of the President’s tweets he sent Sunday. They were demeaning, disunifying, and completely unnecessary…That said, I could not vote in favor of the resolution before the House tonight.”

It’s clear to me that Rob Wittman not only lacks moral courage and integrity, he lacks a moral compass altogether.  The people of the 1st District of Virginia deserve a representative who will stand for what is right, especially in circumstances as clear cut as this.

Part of being a leader is having the moral conviction to not only stand up for what’s right but being able to boldly speak truth to power – even when it’s your own political party.  I did exactly that earlier this year when our commonwealth’s capitol was rocked by scandal.  Of course, Rob Wittman had no problem commenting on the situation then because it was the opposition party.  But when it comes to his own party, he runs and hides.

The 1st District deserves a representative who’s not driven solely by alternating opportunism and cowardice.

So, what is it Rob?  Do you condemn the President’s remarks, or do you agree with them?  Of course, I don’t expect you to actually answer that question because to do so would require courage and character, both of which you have very little.  You have worked long and hard doing absolutely nothing in the House other than take PAC checks from defense contractors while funneling bigger and bigger contracts their way while ignoring your own district.

You have earned your title of Ineffective Congressman Rob Wittman.

We deserve better.


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