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Neo-Confederate Corey’s Recent Facebook Posts Highlight Cult-of-Trump’s Dark Obsessions

Jefferson's "birthday in hell"; AOC; vigilantism; hate speech; drag queen; Pledge of Allegiance; jingoism...


Having followed Corey Stewart’s not-so-illustrious career for over a decade, I’d argue that he’s  always been virulently anti-immigrant, but that he only went all-out Trumpster/far-right extremist over the past few years. In doing so, Stewart embraced the entire Trump worldview, including xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, appeals to anger and even violence, race-baiting, “white nationalism,” Confederate nostalgia, hyper-nationalism, etc.

One thing about neo-Confederate Corey: he sure knows his audience. Evidence? Check out, below, a few “highlights” from his Facebook feed, which is “liked” by 163,000 of his fellow “deplorables.” Most of these posts, by the way, received hundreds of comments, with the vast majority basically saying “ditto!” Which is disturbing, but also informative, as it opens a window onto the cult-of-Trump’s dark obsessions. Such as…

Vigilante/mob justice and incitement to violence

Bashing the LGBTQ community
Race-baiting/racial divisiveness
AOC and Nancy Pelosi…also racism, yet again
The Pledge of Allegiance
Racism, yet one more time
Hate speech and racism, yet AGAIN!
Corey and the Trump cultists really don’t want anyone telling them what “hate speech” is, or that they shouldn’t do it

By the way, was Hillary Clinton really wrong when she referred to the “basket of deplorables?” Or did she, perhaps, hit a raw nerve?


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