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Video: HD28 GOP Nominee Paul “Install Your Very Own Concentration Camp” Milde Gets Congratulatory Call from Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart


As if there were any doubt that HD28 Republican nominee Paul Milde is a right-wing nutter, see below for some video from his victory party on June 11, as he gets a congratulatory phone call from none other than neo-Confederate Corey Stewart. Oh, and for more on Milde, check out Republican House of Delegates Candidate Jokes (har har har): “Install Your Very Own Concentration Camp” (yep, that’s Milde!) and How Much Further Could Virginia Republicans Lurch to the Extreme Right on Tuesday? (Milde brags about being “100% Pro-Gun,” about his goal of “reversing Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion,” and about his desire to “fight for the rights of the unborn” in the Virginia House of Delegates), etc. The bottom line is that Milde is wildly out of touch with the values of most Virginians, which is yet another reason why we all need to help send Democratic nominee Joshua Cole to Richmond this November. Go Cole!

P.S. Gotta love how excited the Milde and his supporters are about white nationalist/neo-Confederate Corey calling. That really says it all.


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