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Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Slams Trump Administration for Cruel Treatment at the Border


See below for video of Sen. Tim Kaine’s floor speech “slamming [the] Trump administration for cruel treatment at the border.” As Kaine writes on his Facebook page:

“I’m taking to the Senate floor to push for passage of our bill to put an end to the Trump Administration’s cruel treatment of children at the border. We need to do everything we can in Congress to stand up against the heartless actions of this President and protect these kids.”


The comments section on Kaine’s post, by the way, seems to be divided between folks writing stuff like “These folks deserve a fair system to apply for asylum or citizenship. End family separation now.” and Trumpsters writing…well, yeah, “deplorable” crap like “Please tell me why you have not helped the President get things done on the border when we had the first invasion coming to the United States of America????” That, sadly, is where we’re at right now in the United States of America – torn between those whose “hearts are like iron,” as another comment says, and those who chant hateful/racist crap like “send her home” at Trump rallies. We’d just better all hope that the former win out over the latter…for all our sakes.

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