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Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Warns Against ACA Repeal As Texas V. U.S. Oral Arguments Begin


Yesterday, Sen. Tim Kaine spoke “in support of the Affordable Care Act and to discuss the devastating impact its potential elimination would have on rural families and rural communities,” including in Virginia (see video, below). Kaine spoke as the Fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals began to “hear oral arguments in a case that could strike down the Affordable Care Act in its entirety.”  That, of course, would be disastrous. But disturbingly, according to analysis by Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress, “Texas v. United States appears likely to end in the triumph of partisanship over law, at least in the Republican-controlled] Fifth Circuit.” Of course, this will be appealed up to the Supreme Court, but god knows what the boys – Brett, Neil, Clarence, Sam, and John – will do. Personally, I don’t trust those @#$!#s as far as I can throw them. Anyway, thanks to Sen. Kaine for his speech on this crucial issue.

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