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Why Did Virginia Republicans Run Away from Special Session on Guns? Thanks to Amanda Chase, Now We Know.

Turns out "there were some weak-kneed Republicans" who were ready to "cave" and pass a bunch of gun violence prevention bills


State Sen. Amanda “It’s those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped “Chase (R) may be a far-right extremist, but at least this morning, on Trumpster radio (aka, “The John Fredericks Show”), she was honest for a change. Check out the audio, below, followed by highlights, as Sen. Chase explains why House and Senate Republicans, BADLY losing the argument on gun violence prevention last in the Special Session last Tuesday, quickly rammed through motions to adjourn and…RUN AWAY!

Sen. Chase: “To answer your question, why didn’t we just vote them up or down, there was some concern that we did not have the votes in the House to be able to defeat these measures. There were some weak-kneed Republicans on the House side that could have very well voted for some of these bills, and we couldn’t take that chance in an election year.  So that’s the play that was made; it was one that we agreed on in advance; it was a play that everybody could live with and stick with. And let me tell you, it was the best option given the makeup of the General Assembly that we had. I feel like that any action that we would have done that day other than that would have taken the focus off of the tragedies that took place in Virginia Beach. We have already, as you mentioned, rehashed many of these bills. We did lose Senator Wagner, which was a concern. So we only had one vote in the Senate to work with – [if] one person caved, we were in trouble. So it was a safe bet if you will...”

John Fredericks: “Let me just ask you this; it sounds like what you’re saying Amanda, and I appreciate your candor as always, that Republicans in the Senate might have been facing one or two defections, which would have handed Governor Northam victories on some if not all of the legislation he had. And you guys thought, better than risk that, to abandon ship, adjourn, turn it over to the Crime Commission, and battle it out in September and October. Is that my understanding?”

Sen. Chase: “That’s right. And I think it takes a lot of the political pressure off of the week-kneed Republicans…They’ve got two more years or four more years, and hopefully they are less inclined to be political and do what’s best for Virginians and that is to not restrict their gun rights.”

John Fredericks: “I really appreciate your honesty, because this is really what we’ve been trying to get at here for three days, is an admission from somebody in the GOP caucus that there were senators that were ready to cave, weak-kneed as you call them, that was going to hand Northam victories and bills that have been defeated numerous times under the pressure of this. And so that’s the reason that your Caucus Leader, your Majority Leader went for the adjournment…you were gonna lose some votes, so to stop that you’re going to turn it over to the voters in November…that makes a lot of sense.”


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