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Video: Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, County Board Candidate Margaret Angela Franklin Stress Importance of Turning Prince William County Blue This November 5


Great to see Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy (D-HD2; parts of Prince William County and Stafford County) and Prince William County Board of Supervisors (Woodbridge District) Democratic nominee Margaret Angela Franklin out and about today, campaigning for the entire Democratic ticket (see video, below). In addition to Del. Carroll Foy and Margaret Franklin, those candidates include:

  • Ann Wheeler for PW County Board of Supervisors Chair (This is a big one, as the odious Corey Stewart is FINALLY retiring as PW County Board Chair, with the Republican nominee a far-right nutter named John Gray. We’ve GOT TO win this one!)
  • Josh King for PW County Sheriff
  • Babur Lateef for PW County School Board Chair (Babur’s the incumbent, and he’s doing a great job for PW County public education.)
  • Amy Ashworth for PW County Commonwealth’s Attorney (This will make a big difference if you care about criminal justice reform, as Ashworth’s Republican opponent certainly isn’t a reformer.)
  • Del. Hala Ayala (HD-51) (This race is one of Speaker Kirk Cox’s top priorities for maintaining Republican control of the House of Delegates. Need I say more? Go Hala!)
  • Del. Lee Carter (HD-50) (Carter should be ok, but we never want to take anything for granted.)
  • Del. Danica Roem (HD13) (The Daily Beast reported the other day, “As we exclusively reveal the donors to Danica Roem’s anti-LGBTQ opponent, Kelly McGinn, in Virginia’s 13th District, Roem reveals her plan to win and continue in the job she loves.” ‘Nuff said; let’s make sure Danica wins this!)
  • Del. Elizabeth Guzman (HD31) (Guzman’s right-wing Republican opponent claimed it was “shocking” that Guzman attended the Women’s March. Wuuuuuuut? Yeah, ’nuff said on this one – let’s make absolutely sure that Guzman holds this seat!)
  • Dan Helmer for House of Delegates (HD40; 21% in PW County) (This is an important race for Democrats’ chances of taking back the Virginia House of Delegates. Also, Helmer’s running against a truly obnoxious, right-wing Republican – incumbent Del. Tim Hugo. Go Dan!)
  • Suhas Subramanyam for House of Delegates (HD87; 10% in PW County)
  • John Bell for State Senate (SD13; 23% in PW County) (This is one of the top-tier races for Democrats’ chances of taking back the State Senate. Also, Bell is running against a far-right-wing extremist named Geary Higgins. See more about Higgins here, and make sure you help John Bell defeat him!)
  • Qasim Rashid for State Senate (SD28; 27% in PW County)
  • Andrea Bailey for PW Board of County Supervisors (Potomac District)
  • Kenny Boddye for PW Board of County Supervisors (Occoquan District) (This is a tough but winnable race against Republican Ruth Anderson. Let’s help Kenny win this thing!)
  • Raheel Sheikh for PW Board of County Supervisors (Coles District) (An important race, crucial for Democrats’ chances of taking back control of the PW Board of County Supervisors. Also note that Sheikh’s Republican opponent, Yesli Vega, is hard right, calling the Equal Rights Amendment a “political stunt” and railing against “sanctuary policies,” among other things.)
  • Maggie Hansford for PW Board of County Supervisors (Brentsville District) (Tough race in a “red” district, but would be great to win this one, as Hansford is excellent and her Republican opponent is hard right.)

Let’s elect (or reelect) as many of these folks as possible on November 5. As Jennifer Carroll Foy says, “We need more fantastic Democrats in office pushing for Democratic values and moving Virginia forward.”