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Audio: On Sebastian Gorka Show, Far-Right Fairfax County School Board Member Rants About “Radicals Who Believe in Identity Politics”; Complains, “We Can No Longer Have a Eurocentric History”


We’ve written many times about the antics of far-right Fairfax County Board member Elizabeth Schultz (R) – see below the video for a bunch of links. In recent months, for whatever reasons – and  as her prospects for reelection look less and less likely (to support her Democratic opponent, Laura Jane Cohen, click here) – she’s gone relatively quiet, at least for her. But in the end, Schultz can’t repress the lunacy and bigotry indefinitely, which could help explain why she popped up yesterday on Sebastian Gorka’s show. Yes, the same Sebastian Gorka who Made Nazi-Linked Vitezi Rend ‘Proud’ by Wearing Its Medal, who compared gun regulation to the Holocaust, etc. So what did Schultz have to say on Gorka’s show? Here are a few “highlights,” that word most definitely in air quotes:

  • She talked about how she’s “the Cold War daughter of a military officer [who] grew up watching…my father and this country fight back the evils of socialism and communism around the globe. And what I can’t believe is happening before my eyes is, at the lowest levels of government, at the most local and closest to the people, and particularly on something like the Fairfax County School Board, which is the tenth largest school system in the nation, a school board that is tyrannically marching its will on the people…”
  • She claimed that the School Board “spent 18 months on a boundary policy change with, at its heart, a social, economic and racial composition of schools as the goal…the radical effort to quickly change a name policy of our schools, which we already changed two years ago to change the name of JEB Stewart to Justice.”
  • She didn’t disagree with Gorka that the “Fairfax County School Board has been taken over by radicals who believe in identity politics,” but instead ranted that “we nowhere are keeping at the heart of our discussion the role of education and the role of academic success for each child…we don’t talk about that, we talk about changing the names of schools…we talk about changing boundaries…we are not focused on education, we are focused ONLY on identity politics.”
  • Schultz reaches peak hysteria towards the end, where she also goes blatantly racist: “The presentation we had just this week is rewriting – rewriting! – our history curriculums starting in fourth grade to correct the ‘inaccuracies’, because we can no longer have a Eurocentric history, we have got to rewrite history; this is Orwellian and it’s come to life and if it’s happening in Fairfax, it is going to spread and infect the curriculum of every child across the United States of America.”

P.S. For more on Schultz, see “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a sitting school board member trash students before.” Far-Right, Anti-LGBT Fairfax County School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz Says Today’s Kids Are Far Worse Than George HW Bush.Fairfax NAACP to Far-Right School Board Member: More Police and Guns in Schools Are NOT the AnswerFairfax County School Board Member Pat Hynes: “more evidence of the need to challenge Springfield member Elizabeth Schultz”Far-Right Fairfax County Public School Board Member Supports Guy Who Thinks Women Who Get Abortions Should Be Hanged.Far-Right Fairfax School Board Member: Gun Violence Prevention “Not a Job for Traumatized Children” (Audio)Fairfax Dems Vice Chair Open Letter to Far-Right-Wing Elizabeth SchultzFairfax County School Board Member to Speak at Anti-LGBT Hate Group EventPepe the Frog: Hate Speech Disseminated by Fairfax County Public School Board Member?Latest Tweets by Fairfax Far-Right School Board Member Feature Fidel, Florence Henderson with Laser Beams, etc.


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