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Ahead of Mike Pence’s Virginia Beach Visit, A Refresher On How The Trump/Pence Administration Has Failed Hampton Roads 


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Ahead of Mike Pence’s Virginia Beach Visit, A Refresher On How The Trump/Pence Administration Has Failed Hampton Roads 

RICHMOND, VA – It’s no secret that Virginians don’t like Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Polls show that not only do a majority of Virginians disapprove of Trump, but a majority of Virginians support impeaching Trump and a majority would be less likely to vote for a candidate who openly supports him.

But if Virginia Republicans are known for one thing, it’s for doubling down on Trumpian extremism and being completely out of touch with regular voters. True to form, they’ll be campaigning with Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, this Saturday in Virginia Beach, an area that the Trump administration has completely failed. 

Earlier this year the Trump/Pence administration made headlines for diverting military funds away from ongoing projects and using the money instead for their pointless border wall. This hit Virginia, and Hampton Roads in particular, incredibly hard. The Trump/Pence Wall Vanity Project cost Hampton Roads alone $77 million in funding for ongoing military projects. Not only will this delay necessary projects, it will increase their total cost and pose potential health/safety risks. Virginia leaders condemned Trump and Pence’s move which threatened national security and the livelihoods of servicemembers living in Virginia. 

The Trump/Pence administration’s rollback of environmental protection measures has also threatened the region Pence will visit, which is one of the most vulnerable areas in the country to flooding and sea level rise. Local authorities in Norfolk and Virginia Beach have estimated that the cost of flood prevention measures could be over $4 billion.

Naval bases in Virginia top the list of military bases most vulnerable to climate change. Trump and Pence pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, staffing their cabinet with fossil fuel lobbyists, and rolling back dozens of environmental protection rules no doubt will exacerbate the threats to Hampton Roads. 

This isn’t the first time Pence has paid Virginia a visit before an important election. In 2017 he rallied voters in Southwest Virginia to boost Ed Gillespie’s campaign for Governor, a visit that preceded historic Democratic wins at all levels. In 2018 he rallied with Scott Taylor in Virginia Beach before Taylor lost to Democrat Elaine Luria in a key Congressional race.

“The Vice President’s 2019 visit should have the same effect for Virginia Republicans as his previous visits: sinking their chances by energizing Democrats who are furious that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have failed them.” – DPVA Press Secretary Grant Fox



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