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Video: Impeachment Rally in Arlington…with Trump Baby Balloon

Rep. Don Beyer predicts impeachment "probably before Christmas"; Del. Alfonso Lopez says 11/5 in Virginia a chance to send a loud message "that what's happening across the river is not okay"


See below for video and highlights from today’s Trump impeachment rally in Arlington, with Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08), Del. Alfonso Lopez (D-HD49), Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) Chair Jill Caiazzo, a big crowd and…last but not least, the Trump baby balloon.

First, ACDC Chair Jill Caiazzo explained what the problem is and what’s at stake: “Our president has sold out our country…to interfere in our election for his own benefit…This is about a president who is self dealing, who has violated his oath of office, who is a vital threat to our constitution…These are high crimes and misdemeanors. That is why we, as patriots, are out here today.”

Next, Rep. Don Beyer said that “there’s nobody that got elected because they wanted to impeach the president; they came there to try to make this country stronger to create a more perfect union…to do really good things.” Beyer added that this situation is “very sobering,“nobody is laughing and shouting” in Democratic caucus meetings. Beyer explained that Democrats are “not trying to impeach Donald Trump because he is the most uncouth person I’ve ever met” or because of his policies. The reason Democrats are trying to impeach Trump “is because he is jeopardizing our national security by working with foreign governments to undermine our elections” and because of his “unacceptable, unprecedented abuse of power,” his contempt of Congress, his “obstruction of justice,” and of course “emoluments” (Beyer joked, to illustrate how messed-up this situation is, “what if I said the next million dollars of vehicle purchases by the federal government had to be Volvos from Don Beyer Volvo?“), the latest example being Trump’s plan to hold the next G7 meeting at his own property.

Beyer predicted that Trump will likely be impeached “probably before Christmas.” He urged that nobody listen to Republicans’ “whin[ing] and “nonsense about process,” which is only because Republicans “can’t defend the behavior of the president.” According to Beyer, “before it goes to the Senate, full transcripts of all these hearings…will be made public… and right now, every one of those hearings, all Republicans on the committees are invited, they have equal time with usit is completely fair…it’s about as far as you can get in a democratic system.” Beyer concluded that it’s unlikely “Moscow Mitch” and the Republican-controlled Senate will vote to convict Trump, making it crucially important that we VOTE – in 17 days here in Virginia, “and then make sure we elect a Democratic president” in 2020.

Del. Alfonso Lopez spoke about the importance of the November 5th elections in Virginia, explaining that in 400 years, “this will be the first progressive Democratic majority we’ve ever had Virginia” if we can pick up two seats in the State Senate and two seats in the House of Delegates. According to Del. Lopez, as Democrats have been working hard to win these elections, Donald Trump has “been fighting us every step of the way…and [Trump’s] message is clear…if the Democrats don’t take the majority, that means people like what he’s doing…are ok with his leadership.” “The fact is this, in less than three weeks, we have a chance to not only do what needs to be done in terms of policy…We also have a chance, an incredibly important chance to send that message across the Commonwealth and across the United States and across the world…that what’s happening across the river is not okay…[so] phonebank, donates, but most importantly exercise your right to vote.”

Finally, Arlington/Falls Church Commonwealth’s Attorney Democratic nominee Parisa Tafti spoke briefly, urging everyone to vote on November 5th.



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