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Video: Virginia House GOP Candidate Suggests “Commonsense” “Ankle Bracelets” for Women Getting Abortions

Appears to equate gun violence to abortion


There’s so much craziness and extremism coming from the Trump Republican Party these days, sometimes we all get numb to it. Nonetheless – or perhaps for that very reason – it’s important to point out the kinds of things “Trumpublican” candidates and elected officials, including here in Virginia, are saying. For instance, check out the following comments, at a recent forum, by Republican Bill Drennan, who’s running against the Democratic nominee in HD87 (Loudoun County/Prince William County), Suhas Subramanyam.

“The number of abortions in Virginia in 2017 was 17,210. The number of gun deaths, the misuse of guns, was 1,041. That’s a ratio of 16.5:1. How about this, contrarian? I’m going to impose commonsense restrictions on the constitutional right to an abortion? How about ankle bracelets? I don’t think very many people would agree with that.”

By the way, I checked this guy’s website, and it seems he was a military aide to President Ronald Reagan, “responsible for the Presidential Emergency Satchel (the ‘Nuclear Football’).” Hmmm. And in the issues section of his website, he says he “opposes red-flag laws that are designed to strip citizens of their unalienable rights” and falsely claims that there had been “legislation that would have eliminated restrictions on third-trimester abortions and legalized infanticide.” In fact, as Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw explained the other day on The John Fredericks Show:

“There have been…close to 200,000 abortions performed in Virginia since the year 2000…only two – two! – out of slightly less than 200,000 have occurred in the third trimester…the bill’s purpose was to get away from requiring three doctors in that trimester when we don’t require three doctors to approve it for any other procedure…and that was the purpose of the bill.”

In stark contrast to Drennan’s views on guns and abortion, Suhas Subramanyam says he supports: 1) “comprehensive solutions to reducing gun violence, including expanding mandatory universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, banning the sales of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and supporting studies on gun violence as a public health issue”; and 2) has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, which calls Subramanyam someone “who will fight to uphold access to reproductive healthcare, including access to safe, legal abortion.”

Anyway, on November 5th, let’s just make absolutely sure that Democrat  Suhas Subramanyam beats Trump Republican Bill Drennan, preferably by a huge margin.

UPDATE: Here’s the full video.


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