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Nationals Shouldn’t Go to White House (w/o #LockHimUp Signs)


World Series winners Washington Nationals are scheduled to be in the White House Monday.

A quick take:

At least one National has already made clear that he won’t be doing a meet and greet with Putin’s Puppet.

[R]elief pitcher Sean Doolittle…has said he does not plan to attend,

Doolittle and his wife, Eireann Dolan, have been involved in political and social issues, including working with Syrian refugees and military veterans, as well as supporting gay rights.

In terms of Trump’s popularity at Nationals’ park, the Nationals’ owners, the Lerners, made clear that they did not want Trump to sit with them for game Five where the Nationals’ fans made their perspective clear.

Do you agree with Dwayne?

It is hard to believe that the Lerners are truly pleased with their coming #TrumpTime.

And, hopefully more Nationals players join Doolittle and decide that ‘civility uber alles’ is not the path to deal with a narcissistic, criminal, psychopathic oath-breaker like Trump.

Perhaps they can spend that time, instead, doing GOTV for great Democratic Party candidates across Virginia?


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