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Virginia Senate Finance Committee Annual Meeting: Presentations

Medicaid expansion saving Virginia $269.7 million in FY 2020


See below for several of the main presentations from yesterday’s and today’s Virginia Senate Finance Committee’s annual meeting.  I’ve included the presentations on: 1) the “National and Regional Economic Outlook”; 2) Virginia’s “Revenue and Budget Outlook”; 3) “K-12 and Higher Education Trends in Virginia”; 4) “Transportation Financing: Decades of Difference”; and 5) “Health and Human Resources Budget Pressures for the 2020 Session.” The cover image of this post is from Sen. Scott Surovell, pointing out that Medicaid expansion is “actually saving us about $269M/yr.!” That would be the Medicaid expansion that Virginia Republicans vehemently opposed, and which Virginia Democrats championed, by the way.


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