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Excellent Bill by Del.-Elect Josh Cole (D), Excellent Bill by Del. Joseph Lindsey (D), Apparently Terrible Bill by Del. Lee Ware (R)

1) banning contributions from Dominion, etc; 2) replacing Lee-Jackson Day with Election Day as a state holiday; 3) some weird s*** on RGGI


See below for three bills – an excellent one by Del.-elect Joshua Cole (D), another excellent one by Del. Joseph Lindsey (D), and an apparently terrible one by Del. Lee Ware (R) – introduced today in the Virginia House of Delegates:

  • HB111 – Del.-elect Cole’s bill would prohibit any candidate “from soliciting or accepting a contribution from any public service corporation.” Bye bye, contributions from Dominion Energy, Appalachian Power, etc. Hello…a better democracy?
  • HB108 – Del. Lindsey’s bill would ditch Lee-Jackson Day as a state holiday, which is a good idea in and of itself, while designating Election Day as a state holiday. Excellent idea on both counts!
  • HB110 – Del. Lee Ware’s bill, at least on the surface, looks godawful. Maybe I’m missing something here, but this sure sounds like it would let Dominion Energy meet its Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) requirement for free, or at a massive subsidy (by allocating “free allowances from the reserve account  sufficient to cover its annual compliance obligation for the duration of the long-term contract”). Am I missing something here?



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