Home Polling New Poll: “Virginians support much of Democratic agenda in General Assembly”

New Poll: “Virginians support much of Democratic agenda in General Assembly”

By huge margins in most cases....


As Democrats prepare to take charge of the Virginia General Assembly for the first time in ages, it looks like the majority – and in many cases the overwhelming majority – of Virginians supports the Democratic policy agenda. Check out the results from this new Roanoke College poll:

  • 84%-10% (+74 points) favor universal background checks for firearms purchases; 76%-14% (+62 points) favor “red flag” laws; 57%-30% (+27 points) support an “assault weapons ban”
  • 73%-10% (+63 points) support passing the Equal Rights Amendment
  • 68%-15% (+53 points) support “regulations that may slow effects of climate change”
  • 66%-24% (+42 points) support “raise minimum wage to $15 over several years”
  • 59%-16% (+43 points) support “reduce prison population and prison racial disparities”
  • 53%-30% (+23 points) support “make it easier for a woman to obtain an abortion”
  • The only one with a net disapproval is “require workers to pay dues in unionized workplace,” which Virginians oppose by a 43%-38% margin.
  • Also, Trump’s at just 32%-51% (-19 points) in Virginia. Haha, so much winning – even *with* the strong economy Trump inherited from President Obama. LOL

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