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Audio: Ben Tribbett Says Scott Taylor Calling Reps. Luria, Spanberger “Girls” Will Cause Him to Lose in November


To put it mildly, I’m not a big fan of Democrats going on right-wing media. But if a Democrat *is* going to go on right-wing media, the following clip, of Democratic political consultant Ben Tribbett on “The John Fredericks Show” this morning, is how you do it!

In this case, Tribbett absolutely *rips* former Rep. Scott “Petitiongate” Taylor (R-VA02) for disgracefully referring to Representatives Elaine Luria (D-VA02) and Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) as “girls [with] national security backgrounds.” Now, clearly, no man should *ever* refer to a woman as a “girl.” It’s even worse when a man refers to a Congresswoman that way, or in Taylor’s case, former Navy Commander Elaine Luria, who by the way out-ranked Taylor in the Navy. But…no, men do *NOT* refer to women as “girls” or any other such word. Yet that’s exactly how Taylor referred to Reps. Luria and Spanberger, demonstrating Taylor’s utter disrespect for women, and hopefully losing him a huge chunk of VA02 female voters this coming November, assuming he wins the Republican nomination over Ben Loyola, etc.

Getting back to my first point, though, note how Tribbett just totally cuts loose on this, both on Taylor and also on Trump? See below for an excerpt, and keep this model in mind the next time you go on right-wing media…

“One of the things that in 2018 was very consistent when he had his staff around him, when the NRCC was supporting him, Scott went out of his way to be very professional in the way that he talked about his opponent and once Elaine was nominated…we could go back and pull the clips…Commander Luria, Ccommander Luria, Commander Luria. The moment he got out of office and these people stopped surrounding him and people stopped telling him what to say or do, we got to see the real Scott Taylor. And the real Scott Taylor that emerged on your show…referring to Abigail Spanberger and Elaine Luria as ‘girls,’ the ‘national security girls’, I mean I think he really showed himself. And I think it’s gonna be very hard for him to come back, because I think now that he’s shown himself and he’s shown who he really is, I think people in the district are going to know that…If you [actually believe it’s ok to call women ‘girls’] then you should adopt that on your show…why isn’t it your style John…you don’t do it, good for you…Scott Taylor doesn’t have that manner of respect…we all saw the real Scott Taylor this week…the extremely immature guy who doesn’t have any business being in office...that Scott Taylor reemerged…I don’t say anyone’s disqualified because when you look at this president and what he’s done, you know since becoming president he’s lowered the bar for everybody, so no one’s ever disqualified from anything in the Trump era…It’s going to cause [Taylor] to lose [the election], because he’s too stupid to know not to do it.”

Hahahaha, perfect.


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