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New Poll: “Majority of Virginians’ think gun laws should be more strict and are willing to pay more for education”


A new poll is out this morning, by VCU’s Wilder School for Government and Public Affairs, which finds the following:

  • “Virginians support stricter gun laws.”
  • “Large majorities support background checks, limits on those with mental illness and red flag laws.”
  • “Smaller majorities were in favor of banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”
  • “Fifty-seven percent of Virginians favor banning assault-style weapons, with 47% saying strongly favor; and 56% favor banning high-capacity magazines, with 42% saying strongly favor.”
  • “Two-thirds of Virginians believe public schools are underfunded and majorities are willing to pay more for specific improvements.”
  • “A majority is supportive of the governor’s proposal to provide tuition-free community college.”
  • “Virginians think unions for government workers overall are helpful but oppose public safety personnel going on strike.”
  • “Trump and the economy were the most salient reasons for vote choice in the last election.”

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