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Richmond and the Barney Fife of Public Safety


by Dan Sullivan

If past is prelude, Governor Northam will head out on vacation with his family to the Eastern Shore, and Brian Moran will be wandering around the Capitol grounds tonight looking for comfort from Larry Sabato. Meanwhile the descendants and heirs of the segregationists who decried the support of “outside agitators” will embrace their erstwhile rivals from Yankeedom and other fools in arms tomorrow in the Capital of the Confederacy.


“Various militia groups from Virginia and nearby states have graciously volunteered to provide security. With a large Capitol, Richmond, and State police presence, not to mention enough citizens armed with handguns to take over a modern mid-sized country, we have the security base covered nicely. That said, we welcome our militia brothers and sisters to be part of making the day a success! Some militia groups are looking to take canned food donations during Lobby Day and deliver them to a Richmond Food Bank. Please contribute.” – www.ammoland.com

Nice touch, with the canned goods.

As shameful as the reappointment of Brian Moran as Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security was, Governor Northam has realized that, unlike his predecessor Terry McAuliffe, wishing away the very real threat of violence is not a course of action. We can only pray that grownups are in charge this time. But there is already a fatal flaw: a single entrance to the grounds that forces all participants “lobbying” to encounter each other.

When one group is very afraid (people who arm themselves) and the other is very naïve, both boldly confident in their righteousness, begin the countdown. Take away the arms from the cowards under arms and the fear factor escalates. Make no mistake, the idiots who believe guns make us safer demonstrate bravado, not bravery. Pretend-a-cops like Philip Van Cleave, who deserted his opportunity to serve in Vietnam, have somehow risen to the leadership of the band of those who fear their shadows.

“Guns are fun, and some of them are much more cool than others.” Bushmasters … “are absolutely a blast to shoot with.” – Philip Van Cleave

Precisely why Madison penned the 2nd Amendment … NOT. And the militias he has embraced are similarly the antithesis of the founders’ intent.

How did the guys who sat in the back of history class flicking spitballs become the experts on all things Constitutional?

Leave it to you to choose the real Barney Fife (“outwardly smug and self-important, covering up his insecurities and low self-confidence with a display of bravado…frequently tries to impress others with his knowledge or skill in areas where his expertise is actually quite limited”) in this.


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