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Right-Wing Group That’s Given $1.2 Million to Virginia Republicans Blames “Unhealthy Hatred” Towards Trump “Among Suburban Women” For Democratic Wins


Seriously, you can’t make this s*** up: check out, below, the right-wing “Middle Resolution PAC”‘s over-the-top “fever dream” about the supposed horrors about to be inflicted by Virginia Democrats. Before you read it, though, note that “Middle Resolution PAC” has donated nearly $1.3 MILLION over the years to Virginia Republicans, so they are clearly close allies. With that in mind, check out their bizarre excuses for why Virginia Republicans keep losing, including:

  • migration of liberals moving from high-tax states to Virginia”
  • never-ending growth of the federal government and its many tentacles into Northern Virginia and other parts of the Commonwealth”
  • unhealthy hatred[directed at President Trump], especially among suburban women
  • “the immigration surge and growing dependency on the federal government”

Gotta love all those, including the “unhealthy hatred…among suburban women,” huh? I mean, seriously, with comments like that, they actually don’t understand why they get their butts kicked among suburban women? Uhhh…

On, and what specifically does “Middle Resolution” fear is going to happen? How about this, for starters?

“The idea of Virginia becoming a state with Chicago-style gun laws, controlled by the unions, adopting a mandatory $15 per hour minimum wage, and allowing same-day voter registration are no longer just leftist ideas—they could be our reality. “

In sum, be afraid, be very afraid! Or better yet, continue to vote Democratic, pass progressive legislation, and drive these “Middle Resolution” folks even more to distraction than they already are! LOL

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