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I Supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. In 2020, Joe Biden Has My Support for the Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary..


by Morris Meyer

Last night, I watched the CNN Town Hall with VP Biden. I have held my fire in this Democratic Primary, as my daughter is in the field (Little Rock, Arkansas for Joe Biden). In Iowa, I met up with Charles Pierce, a journalist whose daughter is working for Warren.

Both Tom Steyer with NextGen, and Michael Bloomberg with Beyond Coal and Beyond Carbon, have done amazing work electorally and on the climate crisis, and have shown real leadership on public policy.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar show the grounding with our party and a bench for the future.

As a 2016 Bernie Sanders supporter who wanted Elizabeth Warren to run, and supporter of progressive candidates in Democratic primaries, the energy and focus in the progressive wing is clear.

My look at this primary is for a candidate who can establish the most broad coalition politically to achieve sustainable progress. For this nation and for the values that our party holds dear. This progress might come in small steps or large, but establishing humble broad coalitions is foundational to that success.

There is the difference between strident goal setting, and goal scoping that includes multiple paths to achieve a public outcome.

If you are trying to shift the “Overton Window” every second of every day, this precludes a political question. When does that pause and a conversation on coalition building ever begin?

In order to address the issues that confront us, building sustainable coalitions is foundational, and compromise toward building these coalitions is a skill to be cherished and not diminished.

Joe Biden has been put in these situations, tested, with a record of results. He has my support for the Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary.


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