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Video: Sen. Scott Surovell Speaks in Support of Driver’s Licenses for All


See below for video of Sen. Scott Surovell (D-SD36), speaking a few minutes ago on the steps of the Virginia General Assembly building in support of driver’s licenses for everyone.

“Buenos dias. Thank you for coming to Richmond. Mi nombre es Scott Surovell…I started fighting for this issue five years ago…when a bunch of my constituents came to me and said the number one issue for them, the number one thing that I could do to make their lives better, would be to get them a driver’s license. And I put in the bill back in 2015, put in that bill every single year since 2015. And thanks to all the work that you all did … in the last November election, we finally have an opportunity to do something.  It’s finally time and we are so close...Just last night around midnight, we took the last actions we needed to get the bill into a place we can get it in front of everybody in the next week. We have one week left …to get this done, it’s going to get done. We just need… you all to keep talking to people and to keep coming out and showing people how important licensias are…There’s a lot of members of the legislature that don’t understand, there’s a lot of members that don’t have a lot of people who need this. But when they see a lot of people here, when they see…a hundred people come marching up this street, when they see so many people out here holding signs, when they see people taking the day off of work to come here and fight for this, they start to understand how important it is for 200, 300, 400 thousand people in the  Commonwealth of Virginia. So I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all being here today… the work of…Senator Boysko…who started fighting [for this] with me when she was a delegate, and Kathy Tran… who started fighting with us [for this] two years when she was elected. But now we have a lot of people, we’ve got five I think Republicans now voting for the bill in some form. So we’re getting bipartisan support…we are very close and we’re going to get it done the next week. So thank you for coming out today; we’re going to get this done!”


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