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Video: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Rips “Immigration Hardline Ideologue” Ken Cuccinelli for Having ZERO Expertise to Deal with Coronavirus

"This is towering and dangerous incompetence."


A little while ago on the U.S. Senate floor, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ripped into Virginia’s and America’s disgrace, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (see below for video):

“Federal agencies have been so hollowed out, that one of the key figures in responding to the coronavirus in our government is Ken Cuccinelli, an immigration hardline ideologue with no public health expertise. Yesterday, Mr. Cuccinelli posted a tweet actually asking for information about the spread of the coronavirus. The one person the administration can come up with to help deal with the issue, then emails and asks for information, of course, because he has no knowledge, he’s not a scientist, he’s not a disease preventer. This is towering and dangerous incompetence.”

Of course, those of us who have followed Virginia politics closely for years are well aware of Ken Cuccinelli’s extremism, incompetence and lunacy. For some background, see The Video Is Clear: Ken Cuccinelli’s Been Cuckoo and Extreme Forever, Basically (“Denying climate science, pushing racist “birtherism,” arguing about “Black Lives Matter,” ranting about an “invasion,” worrying about the government “tracking” his kid via a Social Security number, talking to his toy elephant “Ron,” etc.”);  Cuccinelli Compares Immigrants to Rats; Audio: Cuccinelli Wants to Change Statue of Liberty Plaque to Read, “Give me your tired and your poor…who will not become a public charge”; Czar Cooch? Let’s Look at How Ken Cuccinelli Embarrassed Virginia; etc. In short, Cuccinelli is an embarrassment to Virginia and to the nation, and it’s horrifying that he’s in *any* position of authority whatsoever, let alone an important one. It’s very, very unfortunate that Virginia voters didn’t stop this guy when we had a chance, back in 2009 (or better yet, in 2007!).

P.S. See below for other reactions to Cuccinelli’s latest embarrassing idiocy, including how he “is on a task force fighting a worldwide pandemic on behalf of a president* who wouldn’t know a coronavirus from a lob wedge, and Cuccinelli can’t figure out how to work a website.”


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