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With Critical “Crossover” Deadline Looming, Virginia House and Senate Still Have Lots of Work to Do

Senators and delegates going to be pulling "all nighters" the next few days?


See below for two interesting – albeit a bit outdated (information is from this past Friday) – graphics from VPAP on the number/percent of bills still in Virginia House and Senate committees, with the critical “crossover” deadline this coming Tuesday. So basically, as of this past Friday:

  • About the same percentage of bills (43% this year, 44% last year) was still in House committee, but there are a lot more total bills this year, thus more bills still in House committee compared to last year.
  • As for the State Senate, things are definitely moving more slowly than last year – although, again, there are more total bills to consider – with 43% (467 bills) still in committee as of Friday, compared to just 30% (302 bills) last year.
  • Bottom line: with “crossover” in just five days, State Senators and Delegates are going to be working *overtime* to finish their work. Heckuva way to run a state, huh? I mean, just imagine if we could actually take our time, seriously analyze and consider legislation impacting the state? On the other hand, rushing through stuff like this is just sooooooo much fun and *totally* doesn’t give a big advantage to corporate lobbyists, and of course we’d *never* want to change this amazing system, right? LOL, yeah…right.


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