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Audio: Virginia State Sen. Joe Morrissey (D) Says He Does NOT Believe the Women Who Accused LG Justin Fairfax

Morrissey - "I'm not one of these folks that's, oh, I'm afraid of offending the 'Me Too' movement"


See below for audio of Virginia State Sen. Joe Morrissey (D-SD16) on Trumpster Radio (“The John Fredericks Show”) earlier today…starting 13:25 in. The part about the “Me Too” movement, and flat-out saying that he does NOT believe the women, is really striking – and most certainly not in a good way!

“Justin had enough. Stoney was involved in this…at the very beginning, and the Lt. Governor called him out on this, and I don’t blame him. I am going to give a floor speech on Friday regarding a point of personal privilege as to what has gone on with Justin Fairfax. You’re gonna want to stay tuned. But let’s just say this: Justin Fairfax, love him or hate him, he was denied due process. What the Democratic Party did back last January, February, was in my opinion disgraceful – absolutely disgraceful. Calling him to be impeached, because somebody made an allegation, an allegation, was outrageous…Both women’s stories became larger and larger…I am a Justin supporter because he was denied due process…I don’t believe the women. I just flat-out said it. I’m not one of these folks that’s, oh, I’m afraid of offending the ‘Me Too’ movement, so I’m just going to kind of, you know, mealy mouth around this…Not only is Justin Fairfax innocent, but…she lied. I just said it and I stand by every word.”

WTF? This guy’s a State Senator? And a Democrat? Ugh.

In stark contrast to Morrissey – who, of course, served jail time for contributing to the delinquency of a minor,  and who obviously has no credibility on this topic –  Ben Tribbett nails it in response:

“First of all, I believe Dr. Tyson. I don’t think that someone as credible as she is would come forward from across the country to make a false allegation. I don’t think that is even plausible. I think that.. in terms of McAuliffe and Stoney, most of what Fairfax is being critical of really is Stoney, not McAuliffe, and McAuliffe by extension for his association with Stoney…and I think that Levar handled it in a terrible way that has cast doubt on a credible woman and a credible story by the way that he handled it. I believe Dr. Tyson. I don’t agree with Joe that Justin was denied due process in any way. This isn’t a a court of law; Justin was not charged with anything. The reality is in terms of the impeachment process, that’s the only way that the General Assembly has certain powers in order to investigate. And while Justin’s line has been that the police should investigate, part of the reason for that line was he knew that one case was  approaching the statute of limitations and the other one was the one with less information and less direct evidence. And so I just think that the way that these women have been treated is abysmal. I think that the House should still move forward with impeachment. And by moving forward with impeachment, I don’t mean to say that they should vote to impeach Justin. They need to file impeachment and have impeachment hearings, so that they can garner the information they need. And after they’ve heard from these women, I believe they will vote to impeach Justin if they go forward and gather the information...These women are credible and Joe will have an opportunity to ask questions when it goes to the Senate for a trial”

By the way, for more on the due process point, see Video: Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax’s Former Policy Director Speaks Out – “I believed and still believe that the Lieutenant Governor has lost the moral legitimacy to hold public office,” in which Adele McClure completely, and brilliantly, dismantles that entire argument.


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