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New Polling: 64% of Americans Now View Economy as “Not so good/Poor”; Down Sharply From 62% “Excellent/Good” in January

No wonder why Trump's freaking out?


Interesting new polling and analysis out this morning from Navigator Research (and Tim Kaine’s former campaign Communications Director, Ian Sams),  on the Coronavirus crisis.

  • Economic ratings are declining fast, from 62% “Excellent/Good “in mid-January to just 30% “Excellent/Good” (and 64% “Not so good/Poor”) now.

Meanwhile, in spite of the Trump administration almost completely botching the response to Coronavirus, and with Trump himself spewing misinformation and lies every day on the boob tube, “A slight majority of the public approves of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic (52% approve; 42% disapprove), giving the president a rare positive approval rating on an issue.” WTF? Also, “Driving that rating is a 24% approval rating with Democrats, significantly higher than he normally receives.” Again…seriously?!? So why the improvement? Acording to the Navigator polling memo: “Americans may be making a relative comparison to Trump’s early missteps as it is clear that Trump’s initial efforts on coronavirus are viewed far more negatively than his present efforts.” Also, of course, the number of COVID-19 cases and fatalities is still relatively low, but has been increasing rapidly. We’ll see how these numbers look in a week or two…

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