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Today’s the Deadline; Will Gov. Northam Veto Any Bills? Are There Any He *Should* Veto?


Gov. Ralph Northam has until the end of today (4/11) to either sign, veto or amend legislation from the 2020 Virginia General Assembly session. See below for some information on where we’re at right now, as well some historical perspective from VA Capitol Square. Just a few of the bills I’m keeping an eye on include: the Virginia Clean Economy Act (Northam should sign it); allowing localities to tax plastic bags, which are an environmental menace and largely replaceable by reusable bags; minimum wage legislation (Northam should sign it); collective bargaining legislation (ditto); the ridiculous “milk” label censorship bill (Northam should veto it!); etc. I also strongly support the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, which has urged Gov. Northam “to refrain from delaying effective dates on legislation that will support our essential workers (like raising the minimum wage without further delay), promote environmental justice, and retain equity-focused measures in the Commonwealth’s budget.” Which bills are you interested in?

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