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Saturday (5/2) Virginia Data on COVID-19 Finds +830 Confirmed/Probable Cases (to 17,731), +103 Hospitalizations (to 2,519), +35 Deaths (to 616) From Yesterday


See below for graphics of the newly posted COVID-19 numbers by the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association. So, at this point (5/2), in Virginia we’re at 17,731 total reported – confirmed plus probable – cases (note that actual cases, as well as deaths, could be higher, maybe even a LOT higher, based on stories like this one in the NY Times), 2,519 hospitalizations and 616 deaths from COVID-19. The number of reported cases went up 830 (+4.9%) in the latest statistics, which is a slower rate of increase than the day before, when reported cases were up 1,055 (+6.7%). And the number of new test results was 6,802, continuing a three-day trend of significantly increased new test results. As for hospitalizations, they went up 103 (+4.3%), from 2,416 to 2,519, which is a faster rate of increase than the previous day (which was up 94, or +4.0%). Deaths are reported up 35 (from 581 to 616), compared to an increase of 29 (from 552 to 581) the previous day. By the way, note the discrepancy between the VHHA and VDH hospitalization numbers, with VHHA showing a significant *decline* – from 1,550 to 1,426 over the past two days! – while VDH still has them going up. Not sure exactly why that’s the case.

Anyway, overall…mixed stats today, and still not a sign – other than, perhaps, the encouraging hospitalization numbers from VHHA and also the increase in testing – that Virginia is ready to “reopen” yet. Other than that, though, numbers keep going up, when what we really need is to start to see *decreases*, for a change.  Hopefully we’ll start to see that in coming days/weeks if we keep up the social distancing and other measures. Stay tuned…


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