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Video: New Arlington County School Superintendent Dr. Francisco Durán Pledges to Close “Access, Opportunity and Achievement Gaps”

Arlington County Board Democratic nominee Takis Karantonis - "¡Felicidades y bienvenido a Arlington, Dr. Durán!"


See below for a message from the Democratic nominee for Arlington County Board, Takis Karantonis, as well as video of newly named Arlington County schools superintendent, Dr. Francisco Durán, as he gives introductory remarks. Among other things, Dr. Durán pledges to close “access, opportunity and achievement gaps”; to “commit collectively to sustain and improve the level of academic excellence for students in APs
through an equity and inclusion lens”; and to help students and families “through these troubling times times.” Good luck to Dr. Durán!

Congratulations and welcome to Arlington, Dr. Durán!

¡Felicidades y bienvenido a Arlington, Dr. Durán!

A superintendent that speaks directly to Spanish-speaking students is of the utmost importance in our quest for equity. Almost one third of APS students identify as Latino! Language shouldn’t be a barrier to parental involvement in their children’s education. Each bilingual leader in our school system is a step toward equity. We’re happy to have you, Dr. Durán!


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