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Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, A Democratic Candidate for Virginia Governor in 2021, Announces Racial Justice Framework


From Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy’s gubernatorial campaign…lots of good stuff in here.

TODAY: Jennifer Carroll Foy Announces Racial Justice Framework

(Woodbridge, VA) – Today, Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy, candidate for Governor of Virginia, announced her Racial Justice Framework to work toward building a more just and equal Commonwealth. Rooted in conversations with community leaders, constituents, and working families, this framework serves as a starting point for leaders in the Commonwealth to address the concerns of Virginians calling for change on racial disparities and inequalities.

“These times bring racial disparities across systems in the Commonwealth to light – inequalities in our healthcare system, our educational system, our economy, and more,” said Del. Carroll Foy. “Virginians have come together, protested, called on elected officials, and signed petitions all in efforts to advance the call for comprehensive reform. The time is now for clear and thoughtful change. My protest is in passing legislation, and finding a way to put an end to the two types of criminal justice systems here in Virginia and throughout this country: a system that degrades African-Americans and other marginalized communities, and another that works well for everyone else. This framework is just a start, and is designed to lead several challenging conversations about racial discrimination and its profound impact of marginalized communities. As Governor, I’ll remain committed to lifting up Virginians and fighting for equality.”

The Racial Justice Framework focuses on five key areas: reforming our criminal justice system, reforming our policing system, reforming the judicial system, creating stronger, safer communities, and addressing structural inequalities in education, healthcare, and the economy. As a Delegate, Jennifer Carroll Foy championed policies to create a more equal Virginia, and the Framework for Racial Justice doubles down on the work she has done to address racial inequities and lift up working families.

Reforming our Criminal Justice System

  • Reform our cash bail system
  • Eliminate the enhanced Class 6 felony applicable for a third or subsequent offense of petit larceny
  • Expand expungement opportunities for individuals who were acquitted of a criminal charge by a court
  • Legalize marijuana
  • Permit the accused to inspect and copy or photograph all relevant discovery upon written notice to the attorney of the Commonwealth
  • Direct the Virginia State Crime Commission to study the effectiveness of mandatory minimums

Reforming Police Departments

  • Create a special prosecution team specifically designed to address police misconduct
  • Require comprehensive training on de-escalating conflict and anti-discrimination practices
  • Implement a citizens’ review board, a hotline to report police brutality, and fund more mental health crisis intervention programs

Reforming our Judicial System

  • Continue to diversify the Judicial Bench
  • Increase funding for housing, healthcare, and violence interruption programs
  • Give judges additional discretion to give a second chance in lieu of a conviction like permitting the dismissal of the charge upon the completion of community service, rehabilitative programs, and years of good behavior
  • Reinstate parole for rehabilitated, non-violent offenders

Creating Stronger, Safer Communities

  • Implement an alert that would enable the police to work collaboratively on calls for service related to persons experiencing a mental or behavioral health crisis, with a focus on de-escalation by law enforcement and crisis intervention by mental health experts
  • Increase funding for Community Placement Programs to ensure that juvenile offenders are treated locally or in their communities

Addressing Structural Issues

  • Address the Black maternal mortality rate by supporting doulas
  • Implement paid family and medical leave and paid sick leave
  • Reduce bias in the enforcement of dress codes for girls of color
  • Strengthening state laws against employment and wage discrimination

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