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“I’ve confirmed that GOP congressional candidates [Nick Freitas] and Bob Good have both failed to file the correct paperwork with” VA Dept. of Elections


Great work – and scoop – by freelance journalist Brandon Jarvis! Recall that Nick Freitas has had problems filing paperwork previously, including last July, when he screwed up his filing for reelection to the Virginia House of Delegates, and ended up having to run a write-in campaign (which he won, because he’s in a deep-red district). Brilliant, eh? Of course, Freitas will blame anyone other than himself, because that’s what he always does. “Antifa?” The Democrats (natch)? Other? As for Bob Good, we’ll see if this news has any impact on the results of the VA05 GOP convention tomorrow at the “Tree of Life Ministries” church in Lynchburg, where Good faces off with Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05). Fun times.

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