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Video: Former Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli Says There’s No Systemic Racism in American Police Forces, That George Floyd Would Be Dead If He Had Been White


As former Virginia AG Ken “The Cooch” Cuccinelli himself likes to say, “you can’t make this stuff up.” Check out Cooch’s comments on CNN yesterday (see video, below) about George Floyd, systemic racism, etc. Also note that Cuccinelli, who once called immigrant families “rats,” is now Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security in the Trump administration. Because…of course he is.

  • Asked if there is “systemic racism in American police forces,” Cuccinelli point-blank responds, “No, there is not. There are individuals who are racists, they’re a small number…a bigger problem is simply bullying...That’s a broader problem that captures the racists and captures other problems as well. And I would suggest that since we do NOT have a systemic racism problem in our policing in this country, that we should challenge that attitude when we find it among officers…It is a very tough balancing act…”
  • Asked whether George Floyd would be alive today if he had been white, Cuccinelli responds, “No, I don’t think he would. I think that the behavior by that officer – we’ll learn more as the FBI investigation goes on… if there’s something special about this guy in terms of racism…George Floyd, of course, is an African American who perished under the knee of Officer Chauvin…What I heard in that 8 1/2-minute clip was someone who was a bully, who was abusing his position of authority and power…”

Yep, this is the same guy who once claimed (falsely): “We’re being invaded, right? One person at a time, we’re being invaded. And the president isn’t protecting us from invasion, he’s encouraging the invasion, and he’s doing it unconstitutionally.” For more on Cuccinelli, see:  “The Continuing Chronicle of Ken Cuccinelli’s Corruption,”Cuccinelli Announces Settlement with Fraudulent “US Navy Vets,” Totally Omits Own Involvement!Dozens of emails surface from Virginia AG office to gas companyDespite Ken Cuccinelli’s Claims, Records Show Deep Involvement In Bob McDonnell Ethics ControversyVirginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s involvement with Star Scientific,  Cuccinelli: People Should “Go to Jail” Rather than Sell Contraception; More Cuccinsanity!Pro-Cuccinelli Robocall Plays Up Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice PositionsCuccinelli Touts Endorsement Of Radical Gun Group With Ties To White Supremecists, Conspiracy TheoristsCuccinelli Campaign Warns Of Future Where Pastors Are Thrown In Jail, Homeschooling Outlawed, etc.


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