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Video: VA GOP May Have Another 2021 Gubernatorial Candidate…and It’s a REALLY Bad One

Among other things, Bill Carrico literally walked off the Senate floor rather than listen to an opening prayer by a Muslim


It looks like far-right State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) might not be the only Republican candidate for Virginia governor in 2021 for much longer. We’ll see, but earlier today, former Sen. Bill Carrico (R) announced that he is seriously considering – he says he feels a “calling,” cites Gideon in the Bible, etc. – running for Virginia governor in 2021, with an announcement likely by September or October. Check out the video, below, for his comments.

So who is this guy? See below for some highlights, or actually LOWlights, of Carrico’s godawful political career. In sum – no, thanks!

  • According to Project Vote Smart, Carrico received zeroe scores from NARAL and Planned Parenthood; 100% from the Virginia Citizens Defense League; 100% from the Family Foundation of Virginia; a 93% score from the far-right “Middle Resolution” PAC; a 36% score from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters; etc.
  • Also see Video: Far-Right VA State Senator Sponsors Bible Study Bill, Says He Wouldn’t Want Koran Taught, Walks Out on Muslim Prayer, in which Carrico pushes his bill that would have “require[d] local school boards to offer as an elective in grades nine through 12 with appropriate credits toward graduation a course on the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament of the Bible or the New Testament of the Bible or a combined course on both.”  Sen. Carrico blathered on about why his bill supposedly wasn’t unconstitutional, why “studying the Bible doesn’t mean that you’re [sanctuing? – sic] anything, why there are secular books (e.g., “Beloved,” “The Bluest Eyes”) that are “offensive,” why someone can put in a bill “next year for other religions,” blah blah blah. Asked by Sen. Janet Howell (D) if he’d vote for a bill “next year for the Koran,” Carrico responded, “I would answer the gentlelady that no, I will not vote for it, just like she won’t vote for this one.” Lovely.
  • And yes, Sen. Carrico is the same guy who literally walked out rather than listen to an opening prayer by a Muslim from the Dar Al Noor Islamic Center.
  • As if all that isn’t bad enough, Carrico over the years was a huge recipient of coal/natural gas industry $$$, and of course he voted accordingly.

In sum, Carrico is about the *last* person we’d ever want as governor of Virginia. Except for Amanda Chase, perhaps.




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