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Annotating Amanda: Some Comments, Corrections on Her VA07 GOP Convention Morning-After Analysis


The following is from State Sen. Amanda Chase (R), after the victory yesterday of her political ally Nick Freitas in the VA07 GOP convention. I’ve annotated it, my comments in bold/blue, just for fun…

Delegate Nick Freitas’s victory for Congress to recapture the 7th Congressional District (formerly held by Congressman Dave Brat) was the first of many big wins that you will see. [First of all, it took three rounds for Freitas to finally prevail, and he clearly was nervous about how close it was, so let’s not get carried away about what a “big win” this was for Freitas. Second, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) remains favored for reelection this November. Third, I’m not sure what other “big wins” Chase is referring to, but her own chances of being elected governor next year are not high.] But it’s even bigger than that. The political consultants and Republican establishment elite did everything they could to take Nick out [Actually, it was a normal political campaign, in which Freitas attacked his opponents and they fired back. Oh, and Freitas also failed to file his paperwork on time with the Board of Elections, for the second year in a row. LOL] with false claims and slick ads but their efforts failed. The people saw through the lies and Nick won. [More likely, Freitas outraised/outspent his opponents and had the highest name ID, plus had relatively weak opponents.]

The Republican establishment elite [Is there an actual “Republican establishment elite?” If so, why didn’t it stop Trump in 2016? Here in Virginia, why didn’t it stop Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain from getting the GOP nominations in 2013? Why didn’t it stop Corey Stewart from getting the 2018 U.S. Senate nomination? Pretty weak “elite,” if that’s what they are.] has tried to do the same to me but their past efforts have failed. They can’t stand our freedom loving “We the People” candidates like Dave Brat, Nick Freitas and me [What makes Brat, Freitas and Chase any more “freedom loving” – whatever that’s even supposed to mean, exactly – than anyone else?]. They are about the power and money. We’re about serving the people. [Maybe, maybe not, but Chase is clearly about trying to get elected governor.]

The Republican establishment elite will do everything they can to take out grassroots Republicans even if it means supporting and voting with Democrats. [Examples?] Remember turncoat and former “Republican” Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling who instead of supporting Ken Cuccinelli for Governor supported Democrat Terry McAuliffe and went to work for him? [OK, that’s one example, and that one was because Cuccinelli and Bolling were vicious political rivals who hated each other. Any other examples?] There’s nothing honorable about a traitor but at least now the people know his true colors.

The establishment elite never supported either one of my runs for state senate and yet I won both in 2015 [I just checked VPAP, and guess what? Yep, Chase’s top all-time donor is the Republican Party of Virginia! Haha. Chase also got $7,000 from the Virginia Senate Republican caucus in her 2015 run for State Senate and $8,500 from Senate GOP leader Tommy Norment. Hmmm…] and 2019. In fact, just last year they kicked me out of my local Chesterfield GOP just weeks before the general election thinking they could get rid of me like they did my ally and friend Dave Brat. I still won with a 10 percent point lead [It actually was 9.25 points, which is lower than Trump’s 11-point margin in 2016, Ed Gillespie’s 14-point margin in 2014 and Ken Cuccinelli’s 14-point margin in 2013]. They’re [*Should be “Their,” not “They’re”] efforts failed. They don’t care if Democrats get elected. They just want Republicans they can control. I work for the people NOT them. And time and time again I have proven I can still win and even without their support.

The establishment Republican elite also does not support my run for Governor and yet they see the writing on the wall. I’ve demonstrated support both financially [For the record, Chase raised $227k in the first half of 2020, placing her behind Democrats Terry McAuliffe ($1.7 million), Jennifer Carroll Foy ($811k) and Jennifer McClellan ($490k)] and through record breaking grassroots support across Virginia. I am not only a viable candidate but one who can win. And I will win by the way. I always have and will win again.

They are determined to take me out and are have already created “Republican” and “Conservative” blogs and pages to make my supporters question my solid voting record, my integrity and character. The strategy is this: take the truth and twist it just a bit so that it’s a damaging lie. They did this last year when I ran for re-election in the senate. Thankfully the people saw through their lies.

There have been recent posts from their surrogates about my campaign funds and finance reports which are all false.

We just published our first campaign finance report for Governor which was incredible and set all time records on many levels. [It really didn’t “set all time records.” Again, Chase’s 1H20 fundraising was well behind Democrats Terry McAuliffe, Jennifer Carroll Foy and Jennifer McClellan. Also, just for comparison purposes, note that Republican Ed Gillespie raised a whopping $1.9 million – many times what Chase just reported – in the six months from 7/1/16 to 12/31/16, leading up to his run for governor in 2017, while Republican Corey Stewart raised $505k in that same period…also FAR more than Chase’s $227k in the first six months of this year. Another comparison is to Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the first six months of 2012, the year before he ran for governor. Cuccinelli raised $922k in that period, or >4x as much as Chase just reported for the equivalent period this cycle. Finally, Republican Bob McDonnell raised $818k in the first six months of 2008, the year before he ran for governor.]


88% of the funds we raised were from small dollar donations of $100 or less. Our largest donation was $5k.

The Republican establishment elite and their surrogates will not prevail against We the People.

And just like I did in session this past year when I exposed Republicans who voted with Democrats and thought you would never find out, I’m exposing the Republican establishment elite and their surrogates.

This year, I’m taking off the gloves and exposing the cowards who hide behind keyboards and get others to do their dirty work. I know who you are. And soon my supporters will too.

I’m so proud of our campaign finance report, Nick’s huge victory yesterday and you should be too! Just wanted to encourage you. We are going to win this November- Freitas, Gade and Trump 2020 and Chase for Governor 2021. [Is Gade cool being lumped together with Freitas, Trump and Chase? That would be very interesting to know.] We’ve got this! 🇺🇸😊👊🏻

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