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Audio: VA05 GOP’s Far-Right Nominee Falsely Claims COVID-19 a “Manufactured Crisis,” “We Have Largely Eliminated Systemic Racism” and His African-American Opponent Has “Wrapped Himself” In “Marxist” BLM Movement

Good also claims that BLM wants to "destroy this country" and "the patriarchal structure of the family"


Excellent scoop by Brandon Jarvis at VA Scope…see below for audio of faaaar-right VA05 GOP nominee Bob Good (this guy), claiming – absurdly – that “we have largely eliminated systemic racism…institutional racism.” Good also asserts, falsely and irresponsibly, that COVID-19 is a “manufactured crisis.” And he attacks his Democratic opponent, Dr. Cameron Webb, who is African-American and a mainstream Democrat, as the “worst one” the Democrats could have nominated, someone who supposedly “wrapped himself in the BLM movement” and even supports “radical” ideas like free college (GASP!) and the Green New Deal (DOUBLE GASP!!). As for Black Lives Matter, Good hysterically calls it a “Marxist organization” that wants to “destroy this country, tear it down and start over”; “want to destroy the patriarchal structure of the family,” and even “are radical on the LGBTQ thing.” Oh god, not “radical on the LGBTQ thing!” LOL Anyway, just a reminder that Bob Good is an extremist, far-right bigot, etc., and that we all need to do everything we possibly can to elect Dr. Cameron Webb in VA05 this November 3!

“If you’re from central Virginia here, most of you are probably like me. It was a different place when we were growing up. In fact, I believe we have largely eliminated systemic racism; largely, institutional racism. By the Lords grace, it’s become socially unacceptable to be racist…thank the Lord for that…We’ve largely eradicated [prejudice and biase]…But we’ve got this manufactured crisis that people want to blame on the president.

We’ve also got the pandemic. Who could possibly blame the president for the pandemic?…It’s hard for me to believe…that anybody’s going, anybody who in play…we know the hard left…goes, you know what, we would have been a lot better off if Joe Biden was running this thing.  [laughter] Who could possibly think that, that’s in play?…

...Just to speak to my race real quick…people asked me going into the Democrat [sic] primary, who do you want to win and who do you think is gonna win?…And I just said I want the worst of the bunch to win…Well, I think we got the worst one. He’s endorsed by the ‘Squad,’ he’s the only one endorsed by the ‘Squad.” He’s wrapped himself in the BLM movement. I don’t mind saying, of course Black lives matter, all lives matter, blue lives matter, of course they do, as a born-again believer you know…we’re all created in God’s image. However, the BLM movement – if you have not been on that website, go on that website and see what they’re about – they are radical on the LGBTQ thing, they are radical about…they want to destroy the nuclear family, it’s right on their website, they want to destroy the patriarchal structure of the family, they are a Marxist organization, they want to destroy this country, tear it down and start over. That’s what the organization is. So they’ve hijacked this issue, if you will. And they’ve taken, where we have pockets of racism that we need to address, we’ve got work to do; there’s the occasional rogue police officer who does something wrong, that’s 1/10th of 1% of law enforcement, and they want to pretend that’s the commonality there. And they’re trying to profit off that issue. My opponent’s wrapped himself in that issue – he’s ‘no justice no peace’, defund the police, full funding of Planned Parenthood, free college, Green New Deal…”


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