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InsideNOVA Editor Says Democratic Women of Color Who Pushed Back on Paper’s “Racist and Sexist Editorial” Are “Woke Olympians,” “Mob and Its Pitchforks” Resorting to “Name-Calling Rather Than Facts”

Also, supposedly the big mistake in the original editorial was to include the word "women"


So basically, when women of color – in this case, Democratic Delegates Hala Ayala, Elizabeth Guzman and Jennifer Carroll Foy – push back on a “racist and sexist editorial” (as Del. Guzman called it), one of its outlets pushes back a few mornings later by…

  • Calling the Democratic women and their supporters a “mob and its pitchforks” and/or “Woke Olympians”;
  • Claiming that their responses on social media and “other safe-spaces to voice their outrage and indignation” were “the wimpy way out”;
  • Arguing that the big mistake with the initial editorial was probably that it should have “left the word ‘women’ out of the sentence a paragraph above, and just stuck with ‘three delegates'” (as if *that* was the main problem with it!);
  • Claiming that the “editorial drew some blood” and that “critics had to resort to name-calling rather than facts to make their case”
  • Celebrating that what this controversy will do is drive traffic to its website;
  • Blah blah blah.

With that, instead of driving more traffic to InsideNOVA and/or the Sun Gazette, let’s instead link back to the excellent responses by Ayala, Guzman and Carroll Foy.

Del. Hala Ayala: “Experience only seems to come into question when women, particularly women of color, run for higher office.”

Del. Guzman“Inside NoVa published a racist and sexist editorial that dismisses and disparages the experience and accomplishments of three women of color…This visceral hatred of women of color, whether cloaked as a cohesive editorial or incoherently blasted from Donald Trump’s Twitter account, is equally as ugly.”

Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy:

Also check out Del. Danica Roem’s response:


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