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On the Heels of the Republican Convention, Former Sen. John Warner (R) and Other Current/Former Virginia Republicans Endorse Joe Biden


From the Biden/Harris campaign:

August 31, 2020

On the Heels of the RNCC, Current and Former Virginia Republicans Endorse Joe Biden

Today, on the heels of the Republican National Convention, thirteen prominent Virginia Republican leaders, including former members of the General Assembly and Republican committees, announced their support for Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. This powerful rebuke by Virginia Republicans of the current administration is a repudiation of the lack of leadership in the current White House and underscores the urgent need to restore the soul of America. After a chaotic four years, these conservatives are supporting a Biden-Harris Administration because they know that this country cannot survive another four years of Donald Trump.

Virginia Republicans endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris today include:

  • Former Senator John Warner
  • Former Congressman Bill Whitehurst
  • Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage
  • Former State Senator Russ Potts
  • Former Delegate Jim Dillard
  • Former Republican and Independent Delegate Katherine Waddell
  • Former Alexandria GOP Vice Chair Marc Coombs
  • Alice Parken, Loudoun County Leader
  • Daniel Vargas, Loudoun County Leader
  • Shanadee Ford Stevenson, Loudoun County Leader
  • Christopher Stevenson, Loudoun County Leader
  • Glen Peterson, Loudoun County Leader
  • Virginia Phinney, Loudoun County Leader

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