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With the Virginia General Assembly Special Session Starting Tuesday, Here Are the Worst, Craziest Bills Introduced So Far – All By Republicans, Of Course

Hydroxychloroquine, vaccinations, virtual learning, collective bargaining...


With the Virginia General Assembly’s 2020 special session beginning on Tuesday, see below for the worst bills introduced so far. Not at all surprisingly, they are all by far-right Republicans.

First, we’ve got this nutjob (Del. Dave LaRock) with a bill encouraging the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, even though it is NOT a cure for COVID-19, and even though “The WHO and the National Institutes of Health have also stopped their hydroxychloroquine studies,” and even though “safety issues associated with treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine include heart rhythm problems, kidney injuries and liver problems.”

Then, we have this bill, by far-right Del. Mark Cole, on making it easier for people not to get immunized. Brilliant, eh?

Del. Michael Webert (R)’s, Del. Mark Cole (R)’s and Sen. Amanda Chase (R)’s bills are basically an assault on Virginia school districts which have opted for in-person instruction, not to mention an assault on public education more generally.

Far-right Sen. Stephen Newman (R) attacks collective bargaining, labor, unions, etc.





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