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After Vice Presidential Debate, Elected Women Leaders in Virginia Praise Kamala Harris’ Performance


From the Biden/Harris campaign:

October 8, 2020

After Vice Presidential Debate, Elected Women Leaders in Virginia Praise Kamala Harris’ Performance

After the first and only vice presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence, elected women leaders in Virginia commend Kamala Harris’ debate performance and agree that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the leaders we need to help guide the country out of this crisis and unite our divided nation. Last night, Kamala Harris laid out clear policy plans to combat COVID-19, help our communities recover, and protect and expand access to health care for all Americans. She also presented the Biden-Harris plan to address the economic crisis we face as a result of the pandemic and how we can slash unemployment, help small businesses and working families, and Build Back Better.

Elected women leaders in Virginia applauded Senator Harris’ debate performance:

“I was incredibly proud of Kamala Harris last night. She showed Americans what it means to lead with strength, competence, grace and conviction. She clearly laid out their plan to expand Americans’ access to high quality health care, rebuild our damaged economy, and provide an effective COVID-19 response that is based on science,” said Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn. “Instead, the Trump-Pence Administration blocks progress on all these fronts, closing the door on negotiations for a desperately needed coronavirus relief package. We need an administration that will stand up for all Americans, and Joe and Kamala are ready to do that on day one.”

“During last night’s Vice Presidential debate, Kamala Harris gave us a vision of the future that our country desperately needs. This is a future where the pandemic is under control thanks to real leadership, and people’s access to quality health care is protected,” said Virginia President Pro Tempore Louise Lucas. “Meanwhile, the Trump-Pence Administration continues to fail to contain this pandemic while simultaneously threatening to take away health care for millions of Americans. With 26 days left until the election, Virginians need to vote for the candidates with a plan to build our country back and that’s clearly what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will do.”

“Kamala Harris knows the extent of the health and economic crises Virginians are facing today,” said Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (VA-10). “We need an administration that has a comprehensive plan to defeat COVID-19 and work hard to ensure relief is provided for Virginia’s families. That means taking the virus seriously, listening to the doctors and public health experts, and creating a plan that works for all Americans. And last night, Kamala Harris made it crystal clear why she and Joe Biden are the leaders to get the job done.”

“In the middle of this historic pandemic, we need to fight to make sure we protect Virginians’ healthcare and access to affordable prescription drugs. Last night, Kamala Harris demonstrated what is at stake in this election. She knows Americans should never have to worry about an insurance company denying them coverage or charging higher premiums because of a pre-existing condition,” said Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (VA-07). “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will build on the Affordable Care Act by giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs, and making our healthcare system less complex to navigate. They are the leadership we need in the middle of this health crisis.”


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