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VCU Virginia Poll: Biden +12 points (51%-39%), Warner +17 points (55%-38%)

Very similar results to the recent Wason Center poll...


Another poll – this time from VCU’s Wilder School – confirms that Virginia’s going blue, big time, on November 3rd. See below for the highlights and “cross tabs.” Also, compare to the latest Wason Center poll, which had Joe Biden/Kamala Harris +12 pts (53%-41%); Sen. Mark Warner +20 pts (57%-37%).

  • The VCU poll has Biden up 12 points (51%-39%), exactly the same as the Wason Center poll.
  • The VCU poll has Sen. Mark Warner up 17 points (55%-38%), which is slightly lower than the Wason Center’s 20-point lead for Warner, but still huge.
  • Biden leads everywhere in Virginia except for the “West” region, where he trails 32%-62% and the “Northwest,” where he trails 41%-55%. Biden leads by huge margins in the urban/suburban “crescent” – up 30 points in Tidewater, up 34 points in NoVA, and…can’t really tell about the Richmond metro area, because for whatever reason that seems to be lumped into “South Central,” which presumably includes Southside Virginia.
  • Biden is up 18 points among women and 5 points among men; up 47 points among those aged 18 to 34, but down a point or two among those over 45; up 33 points among those with a college degree, but down 8 points among those with high school or less; up 59 points among “Minority” voters and down 13 poitns among White voters.
  • Warner is up in every region of Virginia, except for the “West,” where he’s down 14 points. Warner is up big time in Tidewater (+35 points) and NoVA (+33 points).
  • Warner particularly demolishes his Republican opponent among women (+23 points), young people (+43 points among those aged 18 to 34), and “Minority” voters (+61 points).


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