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Video, Photos (by Goad Gatsby, Molly Conger) From VA State Sen. Amanda Chase (R)’s “Stop the Steal” Rally in Richmond

"Chase comes up to me and says to 'get out of my face ANTIFA'" Chase: "I am a suburbia woman and I support Trump!"


See below for excellent reporting – including tweets, photos and video – by Goad Gatsby and Molly Conger from today’s ridiculous “Stop the Steal” rally in Richmond. The rally featured far-right extremist State Senator Amanda Chase (R) and a handful of diehard Trumpsters…apparently oblivious or uncaring that the election’s already been declared, and that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to be the next president and vice president of the United States, winning LARGE popular vote AND electoral vote majorities over Trump.  A few highlights include:

  • Conger tweets: “i honestly don’t know what the point is of holding one of these in virginia, a state biden won by ten points. chase appearing here really only serves to highlight her connection to the two virginia men arrested in philadelphia two nights ago.”
  • Conger tweets: “chase says she refuses to accept the lies from the fake news media, ‘many of whom are here today,’ about the election.”
  • Conger tweets: “chase says she supports ‘all black people,’ but calls black lives matter a terrorist organization. a man in the crowd holding one side of a trump flag shouts ‘anarchists!’ and ‘terrorists!!'”
  • Conger tweets: “‘for those of you who don’t believe that suburbial [sic] women don’t support trump, YOU ARE A LIAR! because i am a suburbial woman and i support trump!’ chase shouts.”
  • Very interesting tweets by Conger: “chase refers briefly to lamotta and macias, saying they were driving to philadelphia to ‘observe’ ‘peacefully.’ she doesn’t mention the box of fraudulent ballots found in the car or the gun laws they broke…state senator chase is now pivoting from ‘i don’t know them’ to ‘they are innocent until proven guilty’ about her associates caught trying to get into the philadelphia convention center with guns & fake ballots”
  • Conger tweets: “‘i don’t do covid by the way,’ chase says. ‘i’m the only legislator in the virginia state assembly who doesn’t wear a mask.’ she brags about how the state had to build a plexiglass enclosure around her desk to protect her colleagues, calling it her ‘freedom corner.'”
  • Conger tweets: “lmao the video shows state senator amanda chase lunging at goad and demanding that he get out of HER face, incredible” (Goad Gatsby had tweeted, “Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase comes up to me and say to ‘get out of my face ANTIFA'”)



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