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Video: Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Says “This election’s over…it’s time for members of Congress…to help in the transition”

Meanwhile, most of Riggleman's Republican colleagues are silent, just when the country needs them to speak up!


More truth-telling from the much better version of Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) we’ve seen the past few months. Unfortunately, Riggleman’s fellow Virginia Republicans are emphatically NOT taking their cues from Riggleman, but instead are either remaining silent (cowards) or even *supporting* Trump’s seditious behavior…attempting to steal a free-and-fair democratic election that he lost by 7 million votes and a slew of electoral votes to Joe Biden. With that, here’s Rep. Riggleman:

  • “It’s time to say, Mr. President, you know there’s policies that have been good…but you have lost this race, it is time to say it’s over…the vote counts, they’re massive; there’s no way this is going to be turned around, this election’s over…It’s time for the members of Congress…to help in the transition…that the country is bigger than a person…our oath is to the constitution, not to a human being…”
  • “Let’s stop doing things like…when you fire somebody like a Chris Krebs, we’re…losing the corporate knowledge for this transition…that amazing amount of experience to lead us through this transition.”


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