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Pence Biographer Says That After 1/20/21, Former VP Might Become President of Liberty University

"Let's just hope there's not a pool boy...stay close to 'mother', Mr. Vice President, is all I can say"


Poor Mike Pence. I mean, he sells his soul to the devil, aka Trump, and gets…nothing in return? As Pence biographer Tom LoBianco discussed with the hosts the other day on the Skullduggery podcast:

After January 6, when VP Pence declares Joe Biden the winner of the presidency, Trump “will have no further use for him…[Trump] doesn’t need him anymore”…Trump could take “preemptive strikes” against Pence…other potential 2024 Republicans – Cotton, Cruz, Haley, Rubio –  “may have a better play for that Trump base than Mike Pence does.”

So, given the very low likelihood that Pence will be the 2024 GOP nominee for president, what will he do after January 20, 2021, after his disastrous four years as sycophant-in-chief to Trump? Start up a right-wing radio talk show? Get a gig on Newsmax or OANN? Write a (really bad) book? Other? According to Pence biographer, Tom LoBianco:

“The other thing that I wrote about a couple weeks ago was that [the Pences] were looking at being either president of Hillsdale College or Liberty University…”

Hahaha, perfect eh? As the hosts joked, “to take over for Jerry Falwell, Jr…let’s just hope there’s not a pool boy…stay close to ‘mother’ Mr. Vice President is all I can say.” LOL

Of course, Pence would in many ways make a great fit for Liberty University, given that his theocratic, far-right views mesh very well; that he’s a huge fan of the school who’s spoken there many times; and that Liberty needs a permanent president after Falwell took an indefinite leave of absence from Liberty following sex scandals; Liberty appointed an acting president; Falwell agreed to resign (then reversed course); Falwell sued Liberty for defamation, etc.

Could Mike Pence straighten out the mess Falwell created? I mean, consider what an amazing job Pence has done as Vice President, having…oh wait…having chaired the White House Coronavirus Task Force, which to put it mildly was a complete disaster; and also after having served as the loyal lackey to the worst president – by far – in American history? LOL, so maybe not a great choice from Liberty U’s perspective? But the job certainly does seem to pay well, so it’s understandable why Pence might want it…


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