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Top 100 Most-Viewed Blue Virginia Posts of 2020

Thanks for the 2.1 million "pageviews" in 2020!


With just under two weeks left in 2020, it’s a pretty good time to look at what Blue Virginia’s top posts were this year. First, though, according to Google Analytics, we’ve had about 2.1 million pageviews on Blue Virginia this year – not too shabby (note: I’ve been told by the techies that Google Analytics is a very conservative estimate). The most active month has been December, with about 200k pageviews as of today, and the least active month November, with 133k pageviews. In terms of most-viewed articles, also per Google Analytics, see below for the top 100 of 2020 (note: I’m including only those published in 2020 – as opposed to ones from late 2019 that got a lot of views in 2020 – on this list).

Looking at this list, it’s interesting that some of the top stories were on the coronavirus pandemic and the 2020 elections (presidential, congressional, mayoral, Amendment 1, etc.).  Other popular topics in 2020 were: protests over/reaction to the murder of George Floyd and to systemic racism; the craziness at Liberty University and with Jerry Falwell and the “pool boy”; State Sen. Amanda Chase (R)’s lunacy and extremism; looking ahead at the 2021 Virginia elections; etc.  What I’m *not* seeing in the top-100 list are articles about a gazillion other topics we covered in 2020, particularly coverage of the General Assembly regular and special sessions, which were truly historic – the most progressive (on a wide variety of issues, from voting rights to criminal justice and policing reform to gun laws to…you name it) and pro-environment/pro-clean energy, by far, in Virginia’s history. I’ve got to say, the relative lack of attention to legislation – much of it highly significant – frustrates me, especially in comparison to more salacious stories like Jerry Falwell’s idiocy, Amanda Chase’s extremism, etc. Why do you think that is? Do people mostly like the “horse race” and stories with “conflict” in them? That’s my guess.

With that, let us know what you think the most important Virginia stories of 2020 were, and what you’d like to see more/less of in 2021. Oh, and of course thanks to all our readers, sponsors, and contributors (Adam Siegel, Cindy Cunningham, Kellen Squire – with the top two articles this year; nice job!, “Kindler,” Andy Schmookler, Jon Sokolow, Ivy Main, Jeff Thomas, etc.) including of course tech whiz Brendan Lilly, who kept the site looking great and humming along in 2020!

  1. To Everyone Who Wants America “Re-opened” Immediately, Damn the Costs: Stop Asking Us to Die for Your Convenience.
  2. The Coming COVID Tsunami: The price will be paid in blood; the only question now is how much.
  3. Yep, It’s Definitely Time for a New Mayor of Virginia Beach – Namely, Democrat Jody Wagner
  4. 10s of 1000s of Virginia Voters Receive Absentee Ballot Application with Wrong Destination Address
  5. VIDEO – Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair: “Republicans are straight-up attempting to intimidate voters…circling the parking lots with their Trump flags and horns blaring”
  6. Poll: Who Do You Currently Support for 2021 VA Governor?
  7. As People Across America Protest Racial Inequity, #1 Public High School in the Country (“TJ” in Fairfax, VA) Just Admitted ZERO African Americans
  8. Professor Rachel Bitecofer Releases Her Eagerly Anticipated 2020 Congressional Elections Forecast
  9. “What Happened in Staunton” on Tuesday? Were the Election Results a One-Off, a “Canary in the Coalmine,” or What?
  10. Linda Perriello: “After devoting eight years of my life to ending partisan gerrymandering, I will sadly vote NO on the Amendment this November”
  11. Trump BFF Jerry Falwell, Jr. Strikes Again – No “Pool Boy” This Time…Just “Unzipped Drunken Debauchery”
  12. Inept Response to Staunton Flood by Republican City Council and Mayor
  13. Your Handy Guide to Trump Scandals and Corruption
  14. Video: Instant Classic by Sen. Tim Kaine, Responding to Question About Speaker Nancy Pelosi Ripping Up Trump’s SOTU Speech
  15. Virginia leading nation in early voting …
  16. Audio: Jerry Falwell, Jr. Explains the “Viral” Photo – “She’s pregnant, so she couldn’t get her pants up…I couldn’t get mine zipped either”
  17. Virginia Election Results 2020: Live Blog
  18. Tweets, Photos, Video From Richmond This Morning
  19. Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA09), Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Two Weeks Earlier, Attends Packed GOP Dinner…Without Masks or Social Distancing
  20. BREAKING: Portsmouth Police Chief Announces Felony Arrest Warrants for Virginia Senate President Pro Tempore Louise Lucas
  21. Virginia Lawmakers Amend Cannabis Laws Anticipating a Safe and Profitable Industry
  22. Breaking: At 2 pm Press Conference Today, Gov. Ralph Northam to Announce Plans for Reopening Virginia Schools
  23. Should Virginia Move Back to Phase 2? Weekly UVA COVID-19 Model Update Finds Key Health Indicators Worsening
  24. VIDEO: Gov. Northam to Make “Major Announcement” at 2 pm COVID-19 Press Conference [UPDATE: It’s Going to Be a “Stay-at-Home” Order]
  25. Poll: Who Do You Currently Support for 2021 VA Attorney General
  26. Video: Fairfax County Public Library Board of Trustees Member Goes on Rant About Books by Muslim Writers, Black Lives Matter, “Rainbow Books for Young Readers,” etc.
  27. U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Attacks Fairfax County Public Schools
  28. Who Are the Possible Democratic Candidates for Lt. Governor in 2021?
  29. Graphics: Virginia Gets a “D” Grade, 8th Worst in the Country, on Unacast’s Updated Social Distancing Scorecard
  30. Delegates Mark Levine and Lamont Bagby: Amendment 1 Would Enshrine Gerrymandering in Virginia Constitution; Vote No!
  31. “Trump Uber-fan” Liberty U. President Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s Wildly Reckless Behavior Unsurprisingly Has VERY BAD Consequences
  32. Amanda Chase Attacking Harrisonburg Small Business Owners Over Mask Requirement Prompts Outpouring of Love, Support for Vito’s Italian Kitchen
  33. In Midst of COVID-19 Crisis, Sen. Mark Warner Donates $10k to Each of Virginia’s Seven Regional Food Banks
  34. Liberty University: Virginia’s Coronavirus Petri Dish?
  35. As It Prepares to Start “Reopening,” Virginia Sinks to an “F” Grade in the Unacast Social Distancing Scorecard
  36. Audio: Sen. Chap Petersen (D?) Goes on Trumpster Radio, Says During “Jim Crow” era, “there were some bad decisions made, but at least they had a functioning school system”
  37. BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Vacates Permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline Compressor Station in Union Hill
  38. Interactive Map of Virginia School Divisions and How They’re Reopening Shows Majority of Population in “Virtual” Mode, Most Others “Hybrid” with 100% “Virtual” Option
  39. More Than Thirty Virginia Leaders Endorse Mike Bloomberg For President
  40. Who Are the Arlington County School Board Democratic Candidates? With Voting Going on Now, Here’s a Quick Primer.
  41. Federal Judge Deals Another Huge Blow to Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline
  42. Gov. Ralph Northam’s Chief of Staff, Trumpster Radio Host Both Debunk Travel-to-Outer-Banks Rumor as “Fake News,” “Nonsense,” etc. [UPDATED – Even Amanda Chase Says It’s Not True]
  43. Falls Church Public Schools Summer Daycare Sent Home 5 Children Out of 50 In Just Two Weeks; 25% of Custodial Staff COVID-19 Positive or Quarantined This Summer
  44. “I’ve confirmed that GOP congressional candidates [Nick Freitas] and Bob Good have both failed to file the correct paperwork with” VA Dept. of Elections
  45. To Everyone Who Wants America “Re-opened” Immediately, Damn the Costs: Stop Asking Us to Die for Your Convenience.
  46. Gov. Northam’s Failure to Wear Mask or Practice Social Distancing: “The optics are terrible and give fuel to those who object to wearing face coverings”
  47. Video: VA01 Dem Candidates Vangie Williams, Qasim Rashid Debate Their Positions on the Issues, Why They’d Be the Strongest to Defeat Rep. Rob Wittman (R) in November
  48. CNU Professor Rachel Bitecofer Is Really Having a Moment. And That’s a Very Good Thing.
  49. Poll: Who Do You Support for the VA05 Democratic Nomination?
  50. Saturday – Republicans Tried Voter Intimidation at Fairfax County Government Center; Monday Morning – “Huge Line” of Voters Waiting to Cast Their Ballots!
  51. BREAKING (Video): Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Declares State of Emergency in Response to COVID-19
  52. New Poll Shows Dr. Cameron Webb Leading in VA-05 by 45%-42% Margin
  53. Map of Virginia Per Capita COVID-19 Cases, by Zip Code, Shows Highest Concentrations in Areas of Poultry Processing Plants, Correctional Facilities, Long-Term Care Facilities…
  54. New Virginia Poll: Gov. Ralph Northam at 59%-29% Approval; Joe Biden Crushing Donald Trump 51%-39%; Mark Warner Up 17 Points
  55. Graphics: University of Washington Model Projects 1,543 Virginia Deaths from COVID-19, Shortage of 183 ICU Beds, “Peak Resource Use” on May 2
  56. Just-Reelected Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07): “We lost races we shouldn’t have lost…Don’t say socialism ever again”
  57. Leading 2021 VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase: “President Trump should declare martial law as recommended by General Flynn”
  58. Fairfax County School Board Member: “I Want Kids to Learn and I Don’t Want People to Die” During COVID-19 Pandemic
  59. Flag-Waving, Horn-Honking Trump Supporters Crash Qasim Rashid for Congress Event. What Happened Next Will Surprise and Inspire You.
  60. Bloomberg Campaign Announces Virginia Leadership Team
  61. Prof. Rachel Bitecofer’s “Post-Democratic Primary Update” Out, Has Biden 289-Trump 181 Electoral Votes, Virginia as “Safe D” State
  62. Virginia Primary Day 2020 Results: Live Blog [Winners: Rashid in VA01-Dem, Webb in VA05-Dem, Taylor in VA02-R, Gade in US Senate-R]
  63. Video of 1/2-Mile Line for Food in Chesterfield County, VA Goes Viral After Being Retweeted by The Lincoln Project, Director Judd Apatow, etc.
  64. Video: In His 2pm Press Conference, Gov. Northam Will Lay Out New COVID-19 Restrictions
  65. “Gob”-Smacked: Dominion Energy Plays Both Sides, Double Crosses Everyone on Wise County Coal-Fired Power Plant Closure Date?
  66. Far-Right State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Says Sen. Jennifer McClellan Is “Vice-Chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus” and “One thing you can be sure of – NOT for ALL Virginians”
  67. BREAKING: LG Justin Fairfax Breaks 20-20 Tie, SB733 (“Reproductive Health Protection Act”) Passes Virginia State Senate
  68. Republican Delegate Suggests Virginia Give Arlington, Alexandria, Other Areas Inside the Beltway to D.C.
  69. Sunday News: “20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump’s quest to overturn the election; “Calling an election unfair does not make it so”; “Journalism 101” by the Amber Ruffin Show; DPVA Chair Says “Democrats need to compete in rural areas”
  70. Graphics: Since April 3, Virginia’s Dropped from “D” to “D-” on Unacast’s Social Distancing Scoreboard; Now 9th-Worst in the Country
  71. Columbia University Models How Coronavirus Could Spread with No Action, Some Control Measures, Severe Control Measures
  72. Video: 2021 VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Rails Against “overt effort here to erase all white history”
  73. Live Thread: Virginia General Assembly Holds “Reconvene”/Veto Session
  74. BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed Against Redistricting Referendum in Supreme Court of Virginia
  75. Video: Virginia House of Delegates Rejects Substitute, Adopts Fatally Flawed Redistricting Amendment…with the Overwhelming Majority of Dems Voting Against
  76. Del. Jeffrey Bourne, Dominion’s Clown Prince
  77. Having My Day in Court: Dramatic First Day Under New Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney
  78. Del. Mark Levine on Murder of Karla Elizabeth Dominguez Gonzalez: “People like this alleged rapist and killer must remain behind bars”
  79. Video: Sen. Kamala Harris *Tries* to Teach Sen. Mark Warner How to Make a *Good* Tuna Melt
  80. Virginia Senate Passes Universal Background Checks, One-Handgun-a-Month, Local Authority Legislation
  81. Richmond’s Unconstitutional Assault on Democracy
  82. Virginia’s Congressional Delegation Should Oppose Islamophobic Legislation Like HR 7183
  83. Sen. Tim Kaine Files War Powers Resolution to Prevent War with Iran
  84. UPDATED 8:24 pm: Virginia 7th CD GOP Nominates Far-Right Nick Freitas to Take On Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) This November 3
  85. The Vampire vs. The People: How Dominion Is Tarnishing a Historic General Assembly Session
  86. BREAKING: Governor Northam Orders All Virginia K-12 Schools Closed for Minimum of Two Weeks
  87. Having My Day in Court: Dramatic First Day Under New Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney
  88. Video: Republican Party of Virginia Prays for Trump (Seriously – LOL), Votes on Whether to Go With Primary or Convention in 2021 [UPDATE: “Dumpster Fire”]
  89. “Reopen VA Rally” Set for Wednesday in Richmond. Check Out Its Absurd “Talking Points If Approached by Media”
  90. Elizabeth Warren Campaign Announces 15 Virginia Endorsements – Elected Officials, Former Candidates, Activists
  91. This Post by Virginia Del. Danica Roem About Joe Biden Should Be Shared as Widely as Possible Before Election Day 2020!
  92. It’s Been 14 Years Since the “Macaca” Incident: Some Thoughts…and an Update on What Jim Webb, George Allen Have Done Since Then
  93. Del. Lee Carter (D-HD50), a Self-Described Socialist, Says He is “Strongly Considering Running” for Virginia Governor in 2021
  94. Trump Turns Dulles Airport Into Coronavirus Petri Dish
  95. Virginia Leaders On Trump’s Limo Ride From Hell: “Reckless,” “Heartless” Behavior By “Sick Narcissist”
  96. Fairfax County School Board Member Karen Keys-Gamarra: Having the “N Word” Used on a Zoom Call Highlights Urgent Need to Combat Racial Disparities
  97. Wait, Seriously? Sen. Louise Lucas’ *Daughter*, Portsmouth Vice Mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke, Now Faces Criminal Charges After “a white city resident brought them”???
  98. Video: Betsy DeVos Tries, Fails Miserably, to Respond to Fairfax County Schools Superintendent on Needing “Another 5 Pentagons of Space…To Safely Accommodate” Students
  99. Republican 2021 VA Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Poses in Front of “Q-Anon” Flag
  100. New Harvard COVID-19 “Alert Level” Rating Tool Drills Down to County Level, Including in Virginia

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